The go-ahead to support a law on civil unions had arrived during a dinner with Vladimir Luxuria a few weeks ago Arcore, but Silvio Berlusconi back now to the post: the German model is a perfect compromise. An official stance that the former head of Government on which not all blues members agree. In fact, the Party on the issue are different and the task entrusted to the neo-Rights Department headed by Carfagna is to find a compromise between the various positions. To break the news Thursday, Berlusconi convened a press conference and this morning is of corvée at The Morning call and 5 on Channel 5. In Fi un Department for rights-there is no turning point in Italy on the subject of civil rights because we have always been a Liberal, very attentive to the rights of individuals and individual freedoms, stated the President of Fi. In Italy the freedoms are stifled. Fi believes in family, but this does not mean that citizens ‘ rights, whatever their sexual orientation or their life choices, should be respected. On the other hand is a bit all over Europe, where countries such as Germany, ruled by moderate parties of Christian inspiration, decided to regulate certain unions. So there is no reason why we cannot do the same thing. With regard to Italy Force in disagreements on this issue, Berlusconi is confident of being able to recompose: not everyone agrees? For this reason the Department will dig in Fi to bring out a common thought of the majority of the party. I want to live in a country where the rights and freedoms of each individual are sacred, Berlusconi concluded. Italicum: Yes a prize list-But the opening to the Pd does not come only on Civil Union, even the electoral law is susceptible to changes compared to the first Nazarene Pact. The award given to the list and no longer the Coalition is actually a great opportunity because it would be a step towards the bipolarity. Like I said what is important is that you throw to unicameralism for faster approval of laws and that there is a law that does not stimulate the breakdown of the vote, Berlusconi says the Messenger No to alliances with Ncd, has betrayed the voters-why Berlusconi becomes the prize to the list rather than to the Coalition is soon saidWe cannot make an alliance with those who betrayed the voters and the Lords of Ncd that support a left-wing government contrary to the mandate of who has voted. Therefore, we do not make alliances with Ncd would not be understood by our voters. Ricandiderò me-Certainly Yes, I soon ricandiderò this ruling is the result of a wretched justice won’t be cancelled by the European Court of human rights in the EU. I’m sure the condemnation of Mediaset will be erased from the judgment court of Eu rights because it has been an amazing thing. I was dropped from the Senate and from the political scene by means of democracy, but by other means that they should not be used in a real democracy, said Five Morning again. Berlusconi gave to reiterate that with Renzi will pursue the confrontation and has reassured the length of term: You will arrive at 2018 and we will have time to relaunch Italy Force, said denying once again closing hypothesis of the party. Economic manoeuvre does not convince me-But the former premier does not spare criticism to the current Chairman of the Board: For as is done today, the manoeuvre does not convince me. Happens that you give with one hand and takes with the other, as in the case of 80 euros. There is a reduction in taxes, only we have made. Towards a new Pact of the Nazarene-what the Knight asks is, therefore, time to think about various issues along with his party and avoid further splits. In short, the intention is not to close the door to the premier, rather than raise, also offering a contribution that goes beyond the Covenant of the Nazarene: the comparison can continue on other issues. If Radio needs a larger majority and not only the votes of his party we can compare, obviously if there are issues that we are fine. . Main source can be studied reading this blog.

Energy policy: Each its own energy.

All these different interests met at the EU Summit in Brussels. It is clear: the Member States decide on their energy mix, even – and because no one wants to shake. At the same time, the heads of State and Government had to find a common position on climate protection in the EU. And so began an hours haggling. Came out – that’s hardly surprising: the lowest common denominator. He may not go far enough many climate protectors. But he now reflects the real balance of power in the EU. We present five countries and their interests and tell what the decisions mean for them. The neighbor in the East locks for years against excessive requirements for climate protection. The reason is simple: the country WINS 90 percent of its electricity from coal. The coal miners showed right at the beginning of her tenure in Poland the new Prime Minister, Ewa Kopacz, what they expected of her: they demonstrated for the preservation of their jobs. The four large, State-controlled mining company in Poland are under immense pressure, because they make less profit. Still, Poland is one of the five countries in the EU which have not reduced their CO2 emissions in the year 2012, but were increased. Wind turbines with a capacity of just 3. 727 megawatts installed in Poland – Germany comes to more than 33 700 megawatts. Especially energy saving if the Poland fails: they have consumed 2012 even 6.1 percent more energy compared to the year 2005 and land three of the most inefficient countries in the EU thus ranked. Poland has able to get much in the nightly negotiations. It shall not assign CO2 certificates free to its industry. In addition, there will be even a new Fund, which set aside two percent of all certificates. The gross domestic product per capita is located in Poland with 8 700 Euro far below the 60 percent of the EU average. This opens up the possibility of Poland, so the decisions provide for it, to pick up this new funds. So, there is cash. The funds may but not simply flow in the budgetary consolidation, but the Polish Government must them to continue the modernization of the energy sector – a smart condition. Germany sees itself like a pioneer in energy and climate issues, finally, it is the country of the energy revolution. But the reality looks different: the CO2 emissions have risen, Germany belongs with a growth of two percent in the past year to the biggest CO2 polluters in Europe. How can that be? This is crazy erweise on the success of the eco-electricity and its right of way in the power supply. The eco-electricity produced without fuel costs can break the stock prices. And so are worthwhile above all is written down, but inefficient coal-fired power plants. . Original facts could be found reading the following hyperlink.

Renee Zellweger changes face!.

(:: Play4movie)-Continues the exploration into the world of botox and cosmetic surgery, and after the shocking images of a few months ago, where the star’s face had appeared to say the least unrecognizable because of too much use of botox, the star seems to have further modified his face features with a facelift that has not passed unnoticed to most people and less attentive. Among the guests at the 21st edition of the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills the star posed alongside her boyfriend, the singer and songwriter Doyle Bramhall, in a black form-fitting tube dress with lace details appearing in fantastic physical shape. But to attract attention was the face of Texas actress, very different from what we had seen at the beginning of his career, and virtually transformed by the use of botox on the cheekbones and forehead and a supposedly face-lifting. His eyebrows are lower and more straight explained cosmetic surgeon Dr. Yael Halaas, This occurs with the use of botox to maintain smooth front. From the photos of before and after you notice the differences on the boundary of the face the position of the forehead, eyebrow and angle of the jaw. What do you think of the new face of Zellweger? Appears more youthful or static and unnatural?  . Similar information can be inspected reading home page.

He died Tullio Regge, quantum physics genius and disclosure.

ROME-he died the physicist Tullio Regge. Turin, 83 years old, had a leading role in quantum mechanics and popular science. Multiple sclerosis sufferer for some time, had recently had a worsening and was hospitalized with pneumonia in the Hospital San Luigi di Orbassano Torino, where he died yesterday evening. The discoveries. It is considered one of the great protagonists of Italian and world physics for his contributions in the field of general relativity and quantum mechanics, and at the same time a great popularizer who has had a strong impact on the young. Emeritus Professor at the Politecnico di Torino, Regge theory research gave important and original contributions to high-energy physics, astrophysics, in group theory, statistical mechanics and physics of low temperatures. Along with fundamental contributions to quantum mechanics, including the elaboration of a new approach to general relativity, has provided relevant news in the field of particle physics and neriRegge holes gave an important contribution to physics, for example, with the school in Turin on Supergravity and string theory, which attempts to conflate the relativity that describes the macrocosm and quantum mechanics, which describes the microcosmgoverned by completely different laws-says Antonio Masiero, Vice-President of the Istituto Nazionale di fisica Nucleare (Infn)-. Some of the theories developed by physicist torinese were the basis for building other theoretical models: as the Regge poles theory, which describes the interaction between strong nuclear forces and elementary particles and then continues Masiero, was picked up by the physicist Gabriele Veneziano in its model that gave rise to string theory. In the late 1950s, when he was a researcher in Germany, Holding developed contributions to formalization of processes of impact of high energy particles, in which he developed the concept of complex angular momentum and poly (so-called Regge poles) of the impact matrix, used in high energy physics. In the early 1960s as what is known as Regge calculus, a formulation of general relativity based on the simplessi. The accolades. He studied and taught at the Max Planck Institut in Munich and at Princeton University and the Politecnico di Torino. Has received important recognitions as the Einstein Medal of Lewis Strauss. He was a member of the Accademia dei Lincei. It was an MEP from 1989 to 1994 as independent of the Pci and Pds. To his work as a scientist with a passion for outreach with numerous books, among them The endless universe (Oscar Mondadori), letter to young people about science and space, time and the universe (with Giulio Peruzzi, Utet). He collaborated with La Repubblica, La Stampa, science and other magazines. In the field of dissemination has been involved mainly in general relativity and black holes that could explain, concludes Masiero, with a very accessible and language with captivating style.   . Extended facts can be inspected checking weblink.

A cyclamen against cystic fibrosis.

Cyclamens are beautiful and make fun, despite being cold flowers. Sometimes are also good for your health: the case of seedlings for sale Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 October in more than 1. 500 Italian squares, in conclusion of the national campaign of FFC Onlus Foundation to support research on cystic fibrosis, the most common serious genetic disorder. A fundamental support for the sick and for researchers engaged in finding the cure for this disease that affects many organs, especially the lungs and pancreas. The campaign also includes other initiatives: How does B solidarity ", in collaboration with the Serie B Soccer League, which until 26 October brings the knowledge of the disease in the main Italian stadiums. These days, the young Canadian Director Maxwell McGuire, cystic fibrosis sufferer, is in dozens of Italian and local colleges to promote his film. You can contribute through the number 2, donating EUR 45502 for each sms sent to mobile network (Tim, Vodafone, Wind, PosteMobile, 3, CoopVoce and Noverca) and 2/5 euro for each call made to the same number from landline (Telecom Italy and Fastweb, TeleTu, Twt). Cystic fibrosis is inherited when parents are both carriers of the mutated gene: every pregnancy out of four have a chance to give birth to a sick child. In Italy there is a healthy carrier on twenty-five people, for a total of over two and a half million. Largely are unaware of it. For this, the campaign will continue throughout the year, even in many Italian schools. The way to defeat the disease passes also through prevention: prenatal tests are available and bearer able to diagnose the presence of the mutated gene, which anyone can submit. Next to prevention, there is scientific research. Coupled with the fundraiser, in fact, is the adoption of the draft FFC # 21/2013, worth 95mila euros. The two-year study involving twelve researchers coordinated by Alberto Baptized of the International Center for the Assessment of Nutritional Status-Defense at the University of Milan with the partnership of Carla Colombo of the Dipartimento di Scienze Materno-Infantile at the University of Milan and Andrea seas of Biomedical Engineering Institute Isib-Cnr in Padova. The project is oriented to the analysis of the evolution of the main complication for diabetes, people with cystic fibrosis. . Additional facts can be found clicking

HSH Nordbank: 600 vessels, that nobody really needs.

You must handle the first. In the large shipping crisis TOPP is an important figure, perhaps the most important ever. There are people in the industry who say that TOPP is a huge problem for Hamburg, because he don’t know anything about ships. Because he comes from outside and not to identify with the site. A pure numbers man this Topp, socialized in Frankfurt Bank towers, not in the warmth of the maritime cluster. And so one says plainly that he had been lately on any container ships, whose fate he determined. TOPP – at the age of 61, agrypnus three-piece, white Einstecktüchlein – is responsible for the restructuring operations of HSH Nordbank. For two and a half years. There is above all about ships. In the boom years the HSH has imposed almost Nordbank shipowners and ship Fund money. You want to buy a boat? Why do you take not two? Then came the financial crisis, and the Bank was suddenly sitting on up bad loans. The most difficult cases the HSH has bundled North Bank in the restructuring unit, on German: reducing Bank. 600 ships are there, they are available with 6 billion euros in the books. What to do with 600 ships, which nobody really needs? Good question. If HSH now starts North Bank, peddling the vessels to hedge funds may, at the best price, it destroys the market – and hence the own balance, because every knockdown price would push down the value of the remaining vessel loans. And as a land bank, HSH has a special responsibility for the site, for the many companies and jobs in the region. On the other hand: Do not nothing also. The HSH Nord bankers have tried it long enough. For years they have paid the Bills, they have – so that means through funded and waiting that passes the crisis in banking jargon -. In this field of tension so the banker Wolfgang moves Topp. He has chosen the field itself, he almost jumped into it. He has accepted a pay cut to move from Deutsche Bank to the HSH. It is the enormous complexity of the task, which irritates him. In the entire restructuring business, there is no more exciting, he says, and with restructuring he knows. The Mexico crisis in the eighties he made with the Asian financial crisis and the crisis of Russia in the 1990s. But even if a company from Swabia had no more money, went top for the Deutsche Bank. There you go but incredibly on the cookie, that someone like me comes to you and tells you what you have to do, said Topp at the heads of large companies – and so, as he tells the story, one can imagine also the tone, which he has at the time. Not overbearing, but objectively. Relentlessly sober. Someone like me. What is it, who speaks from himself for a man? And what’s he doing with the Hamburg shipowners?. Related text can be read visiting

Law of stability: the ‘ great depression ‘ has already begun. Thanks also to Barroso.

I do not understand well if Barroso has given more annoyed that Radhi has put in place its "austerity" memo or whether it was just the fear that Italy does not comply with the limits of the "stability pact" irresponsibly signed two years ago (I do not understand how policy) to make him angry. In both cases, however, the first do not understand seems to be him, because he puts or garments of gendarme (which controls simply so the punctual fulfilment of notarial rules without even wondering if they are useful and to whom) or keeps mucking around in the shoes of the statesman, and then cannot ignore what the world now says (as well as laughter of ridicule on the insistence of holding up a strategy thatnow the children have understood, is loser in all fronts. The recession not only we went out in three years of tough austerity, only served to bring the economy to its knees in the whole of Europe, but we are entering into a vortex of depression even dangerous because it is like black holes, if you don’t go out more but not enough neither austerity nor labour reforms to save us. Says Peter Morici on Fox News in "Europe great Depression": "Across much of Europe Gdp is shrinking faster than governments can cut spending, and sovereign debt burdens are becoming worse, not better" (in much of Europe the Gross domestic product thins faster than what the governments manage to reduce with the cuts, and the sovereign debt burden worsened rather than improving). Fox News is one of the largest American and national media is the leading media network unanimously considered to be "close" to the Republican party that is, politically, the main supporter of the reduction of public debt. So why just Fox News condemns in a background paper written by a well-known economist European austerity policy? Among the other Man doesn’t just point out the danger of going into depression, as do some time several known economists, but takes in around European government officials (whose own José Manuel Durão Barroso is the outgoing President) by putting his article a title that, by invoking the "great recession" (2007-2009), "Christen" the European crisis even "great depression", meaning therefore that Europe is entering a phase of financial economic far worse than a simple, albeit great, recession. And he, who was at the top of the European Commission for all these years (since 2004), I do not see? 2) acute crisis stage in America (2007-2010), during which Europe gave a big hand to American recovery by revaluing the euro throughout the period and up to almost 50% (2 years ago). Should I tell him I to Barroso that a weak dollar helps American exports in Europe and affects European exports to America? What did the European Commission to stop Trichet (Ecb President), when in just three months in 2011, has twice raised the discount rate to banks, sinking immediately Europe into liquidity crisis even as the big international speculation was preparing to launch strong financial attacks to Europe (see: "the causes of the crisis, in chronological succession almost".  Him where he was at that damned 2011? That gave directives? 3) the stage of the beginning of the European crisis, linked to sovereign debt (started in mid 2011). In this period began the attacks of international sovereign debt speculation in European countries. And it began the bucking of the infamous "spread" (differential between the rate of our debt and that German debt). Reason? Fears of a default of Italy, which would not be able to repay his debt. And who put out those voices? At that time the Italian economy had boomed. Of course, politics was suck even more than today, but investors with very little interested in politics when there is to make money. And Europe by Barroso and Trichet, rather than block every entrance to vandals of speculation has opened wide the door to them. So instead of defending the European economy by specious attacks has laid out the red carpet welcome. Then, to complete the work and permanently wire the larger countries in debt (such as Italy and France), unwilling to support a policy that prevents them from defending themselves in traditional ways, has imposed austerity rules and the roof to debt (although every savvy economist knows perfectly well that is the quicker Highway to get to certain recession). It is known that about Renzi are many things on which is impossible (in a serious democracy) agree, but if Renzi on behalf of Italy and Europe, fires and rejected with disdain all warnings and reprimands of Trichet and Barroso in Europe, how can you not give him our unconditional support?. You should read the following to read extra regarding this amazing matter.

Kevin Vickers, hero of Canada after the shooting of Ottawa.

He tried not to show his emotion, this Thursday, when the ovation long and fed together MEPs MEPs in the House of Commons. Kevin Vickers, 58 years, was until yesterday the "Sergeant-at-arms", somewhat archaic symbol – inherited from the British monarchy – of the order which reigns in the official building. A gray-haired man dressed in a traditional costume black, wearing a bicorne and bearing the sword and the gold weight, which marched at the head of the procession escorting the president of the House of Commons during parliamentary sessions. Today, it is presented as the "hero" who, according to several testimonies, killed Wednesday in the corridors of Parliament Michael Zaman-Bibeau, the alleged perpetrator of the shooting death of a soldier. Still we know little about the exact course of the scene. But as soon as the last shots rang out inside the building, the parliamentarians and Ministers confined indoors thanked the bravery of the Sergeant-at-arms: thank you my God to the Sergeant-at-arms Kevin Vickers and the security forces. Real heroes", inter alia, affirmed the Minister of Justice Peter MacKay on his Twitter account. . For extended data on this topic click weblink.

Mario Balotelli: an umpteenth pranks which could cost him dear.

Established at the forefront of the attack of the Reds, former Inter Milan striker, Manchester City and AC Milan went through the first period as a shadow, multiplying the missed passes or poor choices. Until than it did on the way back to the dressing room. Then that Real Madrid, impressive power and technical facility, was already leading 3-0 with Ronaldo (23rd) and a double from Karim Benzema (30th and 41st), Balotelli has traded his Jersey with Pepe, the Real central defender, and therefore direct opponent on the lawn. An attitude, combined with his pale performance so far, that has not been pleased to Brendan Rodgers. Liverpool coach decided to replace his striker at the break (this last next the rest of the part not with his teammates on the bench, but on a television in the locker room) and was not tender with him after the match. "I heard what had happened out of the field at the end," said the Northern Irish technician. I do not appreciate. This should not happen. For me, it is something that must be at the end of the game only and we will adjust this Thursday. » ‘Super Mario’, which is well away from justifying his nickname since his arrival on the banks of the Mersey (697 minutes of play, 43 shots, 1 goal and no passes, according to the statistics of Opta), should be entitled to an explanation of text with his coach and can even expect a fine, if one believes the Rodgers jurisprudence in this area. Last season, Mamadou Sakho and Philippe Coutinho had thus been punished financially for having exchanged their jerseys, respectively, with Samuel Eto and Oscar at halftime of a game against Chelsea. . Extended text can be found checking

Justice, in the Senate the Government cash trust on dl civil trial: 161 yes vs. no 51.

-The Senate has voted on trust law to reform the civil trial. Yes were 161 against 51 no, the next word is up to the room. The vote did not participate in the strong group Italy because, explained the team leader Paolo Romani and the vicarious vicecapoguppo Anna Maria Bernini, would become an accomplice to a legal mess, of method, which pour Italians faced serious consequences. To the measure is unacceptable and inadmissible, and criticism of the Government is the fact that intervenes by Decree on such delicate topics as thorny as family law. Not only. Also powers the constitutional prerogatives of Parliament by imposing with confidence, today is the 24th, maxiemendamenti filed only a few hours from the vote of the Assembly. Satisfied Justice Minister Andrea Orlando. Thanks to Senators majority x trust dl civil. First step to reform Justice faster and more effective. #opensenato, wrote in a tweet after the go-ahead. : the first sets out the arrangements for the Elimination of the backlog and the transfer in the civil proceedings pending arbitration. The chapter II procedure governs the negotiation assisted by a lawyer, the III provides further provisions for the simplification of procedures for legal separation and divorce. The chapter IV is devoted to the provisions aimed at ensuring the functionality of the civil process of cognition, the chapter V concerns the protection of credits and the acceleration and simplification of the procedure for compulsory execution, the VI is devoted to judicial organization, the chapter VII final provisions concerned and bears the discipline concerning the financial coverage. Particularly discussed were articles 6, 12 and 16. the Convention governs assisted negotiation in matters of legal separation, the cessation of the civil effects of marriage or dissolution or modification of the conditions of separation or divorce. The maxiamendment stipulates that the agreement reached between the parties is submitted for authorisation, to the public prosecutor at the Court with jurisdiction. In the presence of minor children or children of legal age or handicapped people, the agreement must be authorized by the Prosecutor that if it does not respond to the interests of children, shall forward it to the President of the Court. provides an opportunity to conclude, before the Registrar, a separation agreement or dissolution according to agreed conditions. Article 16 lays down the period of leave of judges, lawyers and prosecutors from State 1 to 31 August of each year. Cutting of paid magistrates from 45 to 30 days remains as as decided by the Commission, and so the definition of working time for the courts and does not enter into Executive changes. The measure also provides for the restoration of the offices of justices of the peace of Ostia and Barra. In the Decree on civil justice there is a veritable attack on family law. Scardina family law affects the weakest subjects, whether one of the spouses or minor children. It’s a way of doing that we cannot approve, especially as relating to divorce the Constitutional Affairs Committee is discussing with seriousness to approve a balanced text. I have not participated in the vote on the trust because it is unacceptable to change at the last minute the text of a decree by inserting a change so fundamental as divorce-separation is easy ‘ without any protection. An attack on the family and to the law cannot have our endorsement, said Senator Maurizio Gasparri (FI). The Government has put confidence in the Senate on the measure which relates to civil justice. The message is clear: just so we are confident of a majority of Senators vote. The seriousness of this behavior on a technical topic, but important for families, is obvious to all, said the Senator of Italy Strength Macomber. This decision marks a turning point in the administration of justice issues, with a very modern and innovative, who collected the general consensus of industry players. The main intent is to offer to the national instruments more agile, faster and less expensive for resolving reviews pendants, with obvious benefit to the user, for the entire judicial activities and for the judiciary, said the Democratic Party Senator Giuseppe Cucca, a member of the Justice Committee, who spoke in the courtroom. The new Center expresses its full satisfaction for the changes introduced to the law on civil procedure in divorce and separation. The simplification of its rites it is combined with confirmation of journalism of them aimed above all to protect the minor or disabled children and spouse in conditions of potential negotiating weakness, said in a statement the group leader in the Senate of the new Center, Maurizio Sacconi. . You should read this to learn extra about this interesting subject.