Ebola, doctor in quarantenaMa salt on the train Milano-Aosta.

Notified a Quart, municipality near Aosta, the order of ‘ home ‘ quarantine of 21 days for small physician just returned from Sierra Leone after working for a month in a hospital in Emergency. The measurement procedure is expected to prevent the spread of the Ebola virus that is defined by the Usl of the Valle d’Aosta. But there is a little fear because the man, landed yesterday afternoon to Malpensa airport on a scheduled flight, reached into the night the Valle d’Aosta by train. Maybe something didn’t work in security protocol. N. Korea, quarantining those coming from Africa and Usa-North Korea decided to quarantine for 21 days all persons that enter into its territory from Africa and the Usa: means so to prevent entry of ebola virus. The reported Brazil’s Embassy in Pyongyang. So foreigners Koreans who were in Use or in Africa and will arrive in North Korea must remain for 21 days under control at a hotel designated by the Government, said an official at the Brazilian legation. In addition, those who come from China-practically everyone, because almost all air and railway connections pass from Asian giant-will also be subjected to quarantine if they have body temperature disorders or illnesses. Despite being thousands of miles from major outbreaks, the Communist regime has reacted to the risk of the epidemic with great zeal and with precautions taken to excess. Beijing sends ‘ army ‘ task force in Liberia-China will send an Army task force in Liberia to help the country in the fight against ebola. The reported Foreign Ministry, responding to the appeal, so that the UN has asked for a greater global effort, but also to criticism for not having done enough. The team of people’s Liberation Army, who had already played against the Sars epidemic in 2002, constructs a care centre with 100 lay bed in Liberia, the country most affected by the epidemic. The structure is ready by the end of November, will be the first Center-said the Ministry-built and operated by a foreign country. The Chinese army will send also on-site 480 health care workers. . Original source may be found checking this weblink.

Kochville or children of Wichita.

Because the Koch is not any political donors. They provide money, Yes, and much. Donate them and, according to his detractors, donate other many subjects who injected tens of millions to electoral campaigns under his baton. But the Koch as well as liquidity contribute to a strategic vision, a vision that then extend through ‘laboratories of ideas’ (think tanks such as the CATO Institute) and organizations such as American For Prosperity, among others. If it is not the brother-in-law of Mrs. Hegeman, is a cousin, a nephew, an uncle. Someone. There is always someone who has to anyone who works with or for the Koch in Wichita. Coffee Carlos O´Kelly´s, Reyna tells wonders of ‘patterns’, so it has heard, because "of course, I don’t know them". At Auntie Mae’s, Jordin believes that Koch industries remain alive and on the map to the city and will not let it disappear under the dust, which would be the case if there were not. LOAs and Beatitudes. Into the office campaign of the Democratic candidate for Governor, Paul Davis. There, a young enthusiast who will prepare placards for a rally next says if you are asked for your opinion, it seems you Super the Koch to build swimming pools and give hostel chimpanzees and orang-utans – in reference to the habitat created within the Zoo by the Koch brothers-. "But to not use their money to change my rights," explained in reference to a controversial subject in Kansas, abortion, which cost the life on 2009 physician George Tiller, after being shot by a man who said in his defence that he did so to avoid to "kill more children" out of mass. "The Koch used his fortune to buy wills and shape laws at his whim, and I don’t see much philanthropy in this." "If they want the Government out of their lives. I want them out of the mine", he adds. "It’s fair, no?", question. . Extended data can be found reading http://5136f99963b49373e8c42.lucaeisenberg.eu.

Accident in bad Tölz: Bull kills Zwicker farmer.

Officials of the Weilheim crime life service (KDD) took over the investigation on the evening of the fatal incident. Because it had been with the victim to a farmer in the region is very well known, which was again embroiled in conflicts, detectives wanted first to await the outcome of the autopsy before they released the news of the death of Annelies Sappls. You have to allow no room for speculation, a police spokesman said. Sappls life was marked by the struggle for their courtyard that is family owned for over 450 years. The plight of the farmer’s wife began in 1977, when the estate lichterloh burned. Obviously, Sabir was what in the years after a mountain of debt piled up is not sufficiently insured. Oddities in the lending nurtured suspicions, Raiffeisen Bank and city could provoke cheap to get to land, the forced sale of the farm. That was at least the farmer in a self-written book titled Earth in my hands – the story of a rebellious life. The credit of half-a-million mark, SABIC recorded in 1977 at the Bank for the reconstruction of their farm, swelled over the years to more than four million. The previously low-interest loan was apparently terminated, and reinstalled to substantially higher interest rates. The role of the city remained opaque, a later Mayor was at the time of the head of the Bank lending. . Inspirational source could be read checking this http://5136f99963b49373e8c42.lucaeisenberg.eu.

League and no baby bonus grillini immigrants. But the proposal was rejected. The Pd: racists.

Roberto Calderoli Blitz against the ‘ baby bonus ‘ immigrants. Senator of Lega presents an amendment to the Def which is voted by the M5S, but rejected by Ncd and Pd. The Vice-President of the Senate protests and accuses the majority of betraying Italians. Amendment Calderoli to the Final variation, bases declined support policies to natalit and his family, within the economic and financial document pursuant to and in accordance with the constitutional principle laid down in art. 31, only for Italian citizens as aimed at countering the country’s demographic crisis. The majority with Pd and Ncd in head-said Calderoli-voted against the Government’s efforts prompted by Lega Nord to follow family Fund and the bonus beb arrant from premier. Once again another slogan of Renzi used exclusively for teasing the Italians. the demonstration that the majority cares of the family and children and commit resources only for immigrants. Citizens should go and read the names of those who voted against our amendment to realize who even among parliamentarians of their territory are betraying their interests. By the Government and this majority of Italians not traitors arriver no help to the families and babies but only more taxes to keep the illegals, added Calderoli. The Pd wastes no opportunity to exploit every single vote of M5S and convey false messages. We voted on the amendment’s only League to make the bonus beb, which the Government has provided only for those born in 2015, was also extended to born until 2017. We are absolutely in favour of bonus provision to all citizens regularly residing on Italian territory, without distinction as to nationality, write the Senators of the M5S in a note. We voted in the knowledge that the League’s amendment refers to article 31 of the Constitution, which guarantees equal support to Italian citizens, community and extra-community in possession of a residence card. Therefore, we knew already that discrimination included in the text of the League would be void because unconstitutional, and would remain exclusively the extension of bonus to all children born in the next triennium, we read again. We voted in the interest of all families, that the bonus was extended to all over the next three years instead of just for one year, as stipulated in the Government and how would the majority-end-our battle to make structural bonus beb, as will demonstrate our proposals emendative the law of Stability. Earlier the movement 5 Stars in the Hall of the Senate has voted on amendment majority resolution Calderoli on Def that proposed to eliminate the bonus beb for non-EU citizens. We are now accustomed to rampant racism professed by the Northern League but also the Senators 5-star movement to look at these challenges leave us frankly speechless. Chiss if voters who voted for cricket and who were hoping for a real change know that their representatives in Parliament vote along with the League. The House rejected this proposal but the Senators 5-star movement again have missed an opportunity, "said Pd Senator Meethi Giorgi. The bolso "do-goodism" and Five Star League, excluding immigrants from the so-called bonus beb, once again shows their irresponsible prodigalit: why give to all families, that benefit? Why not exclude at least San Pier d’arena and Ceccano, those of Nebida and Murdoch? A bit of selection always necessary to anneal the spirit and to avoid the easy demagoguery. As Milton Friedman but also Titina de Filippo: no free meal, sarcastic comments on the Democratic Party Senator Luigi Manconi. . You can read the following http://5136f99963b49373e8c42.lucaeisenberg.eu to learn more regarding this interesting matter.

The rumble in the jungle – epic boxing bout! Ali beat foreman in Kinshasa.

Muhammad Ali against George Foreman! The legendary fist fight of 30 October 1974 in Kinshasa became "Rumble in the Jungle" in the boxing history. In order to save taxes, US promoter Don King had transferred the heavyweight fight to Africa. It was the first major sporting event on the African continent, and was staged with the help of dictator Mobutu, pompous. Athletic, ex-world champion Ali against the undefeated in 40 fights champion "Big George" was regarded as no chance. Nevertheless, the outsider was the darling of the masses. "Ali, boma ye!", to German: "Ali, kill him!" cried he to the 40 000 spectators at the National Stadium. In the ring, Ali surprised everyone with his tactics – even his former coach. Instead of how earlier dancingly dodge the blows of his opponent, he ROAR the Thunderbolts by foreman in the ropes hanging on. Moreover, Ali egged on his rival even with nasty spells. Among other things he said to foreman, quote: "You hit like a bitch!". Foreman frustrated told looking back at the ring battle, quote: "I beat and beat and beat, but the boy showed no emotion, but also mocked me." As a foreman, who had made short shrift last with all opponents, the air went out in the African heat, Ali countered cold and pitiless. Shortly before the end of the 8th round he hit foreman with two fast narrow and nine head hits in the series. Foreman quickly recovered enough and so, surprisingly underdog Ali won the "fight of the century". Seven years after you took off the title him for political reasons, Muhammad Ali was again the largest. . For extra facts on this matter visit http://5136f99963b49373e8c42.lucaeisenberg.eu.

Social gurus, the vanguard of the web.

More ILCRITICO heard of Italy only makes video on the web, the new most popular comedians make game play by millions of views, artistic evidence of best web series are on Youtube. The most followed and Italy more innovative generates on the web. There are girls and young boys, even very young, able to influence taste, create followed, making entertainment, information, even film criticism in a way quite different attracting hundreds of thousands of spectators. The YouTubers are content creators and users that influence much more of columnists and television broadcasts that we believe and unreachable. Speak to a young audience (but not only) and often become communicating vessels with what happens abroad. But in Italy we are still tied to traditional dissemination of any type of information and advertisement. Then we are surprised of the lack of viral messages that seem fundamental, but instead we realize that we are mistaken the means by which to communicate, we’re doing to get our message to a small number of people, because everything else, most active users, look and act elsewhere. Watch and act in this context are two inseparable aspects. You cannot use without being in turn content creator, has not contemplated the passive observation, without interaction. This is the true revolution, this makes it unacceptable for someone who is used to having space to count something, use of traditional media to inform or entertain. Paola Marinone, 35 years, founder of BuzzMyVideos, among the major international networks bringing together many creators of videos on YouTube, says: the young people between 13 and 20 years don’t read newspapers and watch tv almost exclusively to comment on social networks. These young people are on the web and most of them inform you using YouTube, which offers a quick information, many voices, shareable and commentable immediately. Not only users, young people are mainly producers of content, real online publishers. The new generations do not watch tv and don’t read newspapers, not because you disinteressino to what is happening, but why have channels for immediate information and on which I can have an active role and not just passive. Are these users more challenging for those who produce content. And the amazing thing is that despite views that the YouTubers do, there are no media groups that compete for these talents who have changed communication in Italy. Italy only YouTube has about 20 million unique users per month, one billion in the world. Over 100 hours of video uploaded every minute in the world, daily subscriptions to channels have quadrupled year-over-year and 40% of the views now comes from mobile devices (source Audiweb). It is clear that the web is the future, but the present, and some stories to prove it. Yotobi, aka Karim Musa, 1988 class, on his YouTube channel looks like this: If you believe that I am a real critic, it means that your sense of humor doesn’t work. Yotobi now has a success that no critic has ever achieved in Italy, i.e. hundreds of thousands of people who go to seek his reviews before you even read those on conventional channels. Yotobi records video of reviews on film, is the analysis of the cartoons from the past suggests other YouTubers to follow. If you watch one of his videos and dwells on the number of views, you can immediately tell what do the guys on the web and includes the diaspora from the television, half now too old for a generation that wants more. The only real hope that traditional media have is accepting this new language, try to find a real mediation in order to affect the mass of users who now escape and that they won’t have any reason to return. Breaking Italy is a thirty-something that makes information about everything from Monday to Thursday, not considering the other person already prepared on the details. Not giving anything for granted because not everyone can follow the thread of each speech and who is able to give full details is usually rewarded by the numbers, whatever your opinion. Information that is not only because democratic expression of all viewpoints, but also because it puts everyone in a position of being informed. If your contact person you don’t feel ignorant or idiot, if you don’t know where you find the Syria or what the spread, if you explain everything so fast and clear, you’re not lowering the lowest plan information, you’re gaining new viewers. This applies to the news but also for make-up, for cooking, for game play, for entertainment, for sport. You may have embarrassed to ask how to wear makeup to a friend or to your mother, and behold that channels on You-Tube of make up they become veritable catalysts of spectators: Clio Make UP, Mikeligna (art nail), The La___cindina could not be retrieved, Pepper Chocolate. CutepieMarzia, Marta Soukoulis, italiana, is a fashion blogger, lives in Brighton and released his video in English: it has a community of fans of about 4 million subscribers. The world of game play is an immense universe that gathers fans of all ages, social backgrounds, ethnicity. The channel with the highest number of subscribers in the world (almost 29 million) is www. youtube. com/PewDiePie and belongs to a Swedish boy (boyfriend of CutiePieMarzia) which deals with gaming. The game play is interesting because the world of video games is not a marginal world from nerd, but daily opportunity to download tiredness and tension, virtual place where the sense of participation is facilitated by high definition and iperrealistiche scripts. Video games contribute to shaping the political consciousness. Glenn Greenwald, about Edward Snowden writes: video games Often have complex ethical dilemmas to confront and stimulate independent reasoning, especially in guys who are that age where you begin to question the teachings received. Snowden himself claims to have got the courage to denounce the largest violation of law of contemporary history by learning from video games: the protagonist is often one like so many that comes face to face with a serious wrong done by a mighty force and can choose to flee afraid or fight for what he believes. Then history shows that common looking people but decided to pursue justice can triumph’s most formidable opponents. To outlining a panorama example in the world of YouTubers Italians is impossible, I will try to tell you who are the creators of video content that I consider more relevant to genius and views. The Jackal is a collective of creative surreal shorts authors Neapolitan and hit web series (Lost in Google, Naive Gay, Vrenzole) which have clocked up millions of views. Are among Europe’s most original creative experiences and have a following that would be hard to imagine in today’s tv. I attended the effects of Gomorrah on people Series # 3 and together with them I rediscovered what it means to share the fun of an idea. Purple finest-due to a pizzettaro that one day that asked: and I’m dry dog what we give him?  -start using the camera at 8 years and on You-Tube is a celebrity. His first success is Complicity parody of sincerity of Arisa. Frank Matano is a real myth. His phone, his jokes peti on people, his videos by game player reached over 60 million views. Did the film and works on tv, but the web is its optimal size. Willwoosh in Italy was among the first to create parodies of movies. The protagonist of 10 rules to make her fall in love with, wrote a book and leads on Radio DeeJay face to Gu. Daniele doesn’t Matter began with comic-satirical videos and is among the 5 most famous YouTuber in Italy. 459 passed. 000 subscribers, has more than 35 million contacts and an average of 250,000 views for videos. Cliomakeup is an incredible phenomenon. Originally from Belluno, Clio moved to New York where he attended a professional course for make-up artist. Tentatively starts to load video on YouTube in which he explains the lessons which he witnessed. The success is immediate and grows by the day. Pupa realizes its own cosmetic line, publishes two books with Rizzoli and mobilizes hundreds of people whenever takes part in public events. Dany Brogna, a native of Lecce but lives in Milan, does parodies of songs revisited in ironic and has over 20 million views. Saffron yellow needs no introduction, yet his story is worth telling. Francesco is an accountant who decides to open a Web site to provide information of a financial nature. The project was a success and realize the opportunities of the web. He met Sonia Peronaci, passionate about cooking, and together they decide to open the first blog of Italian cuisine. Saffron yellow today is one of the most successful culinary channels on YouTube. Has a recording studio in Milan and several people who have collaborated to the realization of the video. Revenue from YouTube help them to pursue what is in effect a business activity. Claudio di Biagio (Nonaprirequestotubo) begins with the parodies of movie poi with purple finest and Willwoosh achieves first Freaks!, Italian completely independent web series that arrives at the general public with more than 8 million views and viewers. But there is only room for entertainment. Maha Yakoub (learnarabicwithmaha) lives in Livorno on YouTube teaches Arabic, Hebrew and English. Merry Christmas video in Arabic posted in 2009 has made over 800. 000 views in a matter of days. Favij (game player) is the Italian most watched YouTuber, nickname of Lorenzo Ostuni, 19 years from Borgaro Torinese, has just been rewarded for her demented. Homyatol is a creator of pranker or candid camera. His channel has 257mila subscribers and over the 16 million views. And then there is the brilliant creator of Edward Ferrario web series exams, fast-paced criticism at Italian universities, does not spare anyone, students and professors, anyone can recognize. But what impact have the world of the web and its huge numbers on traditional media? On tv it seems nobody. A different discourse must be done for the world of constant hunting information click to attract investors. Thus, the bleeding of readers/users do not respond by creating platforms that can attract new content for their readers, but there are worries her to try the click by lowering the level of information, focusing on speed rather than study. The result is that you lose credibility, the real capital built in, without buying readers. But the fundamental difference between television, information sites related to traditional and web media is that in Italy to buy advertising space is often a way to condition and not to attack: either pay the banner or you find yourself stuck with some idiocy just plausible. Added to this is the prerogative of the majority of web journalism, to be fast, stops, goes toward deepening the fault casually because the verification becomes a hindrance. Obvious that not all the information on the web responds to these logics. But in this landscape You-Tubers constitute the vanguard, will be the winners of tomorrow because their world is not based on defamation, but on content. And pagan content. . You can read the following link to discover more on this great subject.

Jeff Jarvis: ‘it is absurd to repeat the news of others’.

The old media business model has changed. And dead? Not at all. We are trying to import the old models in a new world. For the mass media was wonderful as dur: all readers seeing the same ad,. The first element of pressure that we find on the internet is that advertisers pay s the by ads that are seen, warns Jarvis, defender of an ecosystem of specialized media that link the non-content that does not cover: we spend too much money repeating the stories of the dem s. It is absurd to repeat the news. If you can’t add value, does not reescribas it. Jarvis lives in New Jersey and teaches business journalism at the neighboring New York. He has worked for the Chicago Tribune, the New York Daily News, the San Francisco Examiner,. Is not paid for his visit to Spain, said. However, conf a fully in Google: use Google + social network and in the doll wears a smart watch with operating system Android. Today is prev approval n rate Google as part of the LPI; by this measure, aggregators such as Google News duty an offset to editors by linking its contents. The link is the key to internet, the essence that puts us in contact. Assess the link kill the network. S does not speak it of Espa to. In the long run, an attack is suicide of European Nations, because they become hostile environments for the n in technology investment, create. . For extra insights about this topic click http://5136f99963b49373e8c42.lucaeisenberg.eu.

VIDEO. USA: Fox News will give the name of “the man who killed bin Laden.

"The man who killed Osama bin Laden. This is the title of a documentary to be aired in the U.S. on 11 and 12 November next by the national Fox News channel. The trailer, broadcast since Wednesday morning across the Atlantic, is worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster and should allow the chain to a carton of hearing. In the documentary, Fox News promises therefore Americans to unveil for the first time"the name of the man who"pressed the trigger"against the al-Qaida leader killed in 2011 after ten years of stalking. This was "the largest manhunt in history", says even the trailer of the documentary. Soldier of elite of the Navy Seals, main force of the U.S. Navy, will including tell the "last moments of the Chief terrorist and this happened when it issued its last breath", says Fox News in a press release.   May 1, 2011, Oussama Ben Laden, al-Qaeda leader and sponsor of the attacks of September 11, 2001 on the towers of the World Trade Center in New York, was found and killed by an American Navy Seals commando in Abbottabad in Pakistan. A raid which lasted 40 minutes before the sentence was pronounced: "Geronimo (Editor’s Note: code name for Oussama Ben Laden) was killed. These 40 minutes, Barack Obama described them as "the longest of his life.   . You must visit this article to discover more regarding this amazing matter.

Civil unions, reach the stop of Ncd.

Senate Justice Committee continues battle to protect natural family Ncd and adoption law only for families. It’s the battle of reason. Writes on twitter Senator Ncd, Roberto Formigoni, with regard to the ongoing debate in Committee in the Senate to the text of the Bill on civil unions, where the party of Alfano is doing to avoid a filibuster, it is explained, you get to vote and dismiss as the base text. No to gay marriage, no to gay adoption or the prediction of the uterus for rent and a dry no reversibility pensions, says the New centre-right Senator Bruno Mancuso, during the discussion in the Committee on Justice in the Senate on basic text proposed by Senator Pd Cirinna ‘ about civil unions. There’s no insensitivity on the part of the new Center for those who decide to live together regardless of gender-Mancuso-explains the important thing but it does not reverse the paradigms. There is a family that must be protected. Then there are other forms that must be governed. But not we arrive to the absurd that these forms are before the family or you confuse with the family. For Mancuso, the text under consideration by the Commission hides the intention to establish, by a certain government majority, marriage between homosexuals, or distort the subsidiary institutes up to anticipate the institution of adoption within homosexual couples or even introduce some practices, so far banned, like that of the womb for rent. All this without taking into account the right of every child to have a father and a mother according to the canons of the traditional family. And also not admissible explicit Equalization of civil union between persons of the same sex to marriage, since this is in direct contradiction with article 29 of the fundamental Charter. . Inspirational source may be found visiting this http://5136f99963b49373e8c42.lucaeisenberg.eu.

Removal of the APL Accession: MEPs expect an impact study.

Specifically, these APL issued for home ownership projects are determined according to the income of applicants, their marital status, the number of children in the household and the level of the monthly payment of the mortgage. They have 500 so far. 000 households – which will therefore not be affected by article 52 of the PLF – and cost the State approximately EUR 900 million per year, explained this morning the rapporteur of the Committee on Economic Affairs (PS) Daniel Goldberg. By comparison, the APL for tenants represent EUR 16.5 billion per year. It is still possible for some households who buy after January 1, 2015, to benefit from Accession APL, but only after an amendment by Mr PS Christophe Caresche adopted Wednesday, if resources drop significantly (and not more than 30% as originally envisaged in the PLF) compared to the date of signing of the loan or contract of lease-assumption. This mechanism is supposed to secure the accessing accident of life and give him confidence in buying real estate. A sum game zero? No, according to Sandrine Allonier, of the network of real estate brokers Vousfinancer.com. com, because the assumption of APL are deducted from the monthly payment of the credit. They allow modest households whose debt would have been too high without this help to access the property. This device is more effective and much less restrictive for them than that of the zero rate loan. . Extended text can be read checking http://5136f99963b49373e8c42.lucaeisenberg.eu.