Immediate divorce, yes the Senate Justice Commission.

Yes to divorce without going through the phase of separation. With 15 votes in favour, 5 against, one abstained and two members who did not attend to vote the Senate Judiciary Committee approved the Bill on divorce with the Pd’s amendment which introduces the possibility of "immediate" and the divorce that split the majority. The Senators of Ncd in protest, have abandoned jobs. What’s new on the track The Bill, already approved by the House, fixed six months respectively from the consensual separation and 12 from those times for court petition for divorce (vs. expected three years currently), but only when "there are no minor children or children of legal age with a severe disability." The amendment approved tonight and proposed by Pd accelerates further, anticipating the possibility of dissolution or termination of the civil effects of marriage, if requested by both spouses, with joint action, even in the absence of legal separation. But the immediate divorce can take place only if there are no minor children, incapacitated adults or children with disabilities or children under the age of 26 years economically dependent. The novelty should be read in tandem with the one already introduced by Decree on civil justice, converted into law on 6 November from Montecitorio, which makes it possible to separate or divorce without going to court but through negotiation assisted by lawyers or in front of the Mayor. Except, in the latter case, all marriages with minor children, handicapped or not economically self-sufficient. The communion of goods melts before another novelty concerns the economic aspect: according to another amendment passed in Committee, in the event of separation the communion between spouses melts when the presiding judge permits spouses to live separately, or ‘ on the date of signing of the minutes of separation by mutual agreement of the spouses before the President, if approved. The order with which the spouses are allowed to live separately shall be communicated to the Registrar for the purposes of the record of the breakup of the communion. Sacconi, CEO, Ncd: or clarifications or I leave the Senators of the new centre-right voted against and then they left the House Commission. The leader Maurizio Sacconi has judged "extremely serious even tonight the combination of a large part of the Group of Pd and M5S on reform of divorce that exclude adequate safeguards in the case of spouses with children». Remembering to have already threatened resignations in recent days ‘ in the case of abnormal majorities» has launched the either/or: ‘ as far as I am concerned I am not prepared to bear the parent function. The themes of Justice and of the ethical basis of the nation are more than politicians. Or is there an explanation or as far as I’m concerned I leave. ‘ The battle moves to House The immediate divorce has divided even the other groups. In Italy there were three different votes. Against the League. Even in the Democratic Party are not missed the distinction, but the standard has held, thanks to the axle with the five Stars. The Government, represented by the Deputy Minister of Justice, Enrico Costa, has referred to the Commission. "But in my opinion, stated Costa (Ncd)-this was a rule which would reflect much more». The battle now moves to the Assembly: the alfaniani have already announced that they re all their amendments. . Related info can be found reading

Legionella, the Mayor of Bresso orders citizens to do the hot shower: wash at 65°.

Aroused some curiosity-and more of a joke-in Milan the order for an administration that to curb the spread of legionella, has issued a series of bans inviting citizens to wash at least 65 degrees centigrade. Evidently fears of possible cases (last October there was even a victim) and that the Court of appeal in Rome have suggested drastic measures, even as they continue to be detected new outbreaks in the waterworks of the houses. In Milan, between Moscow and Tehran, where you perform inspections and sampling, many people no longer use the public drinking fountains, drink bottled water and avoid offices to stand too close to the hot air conditioning split, given that the bacterium lurks in the water particles. And now came the news of not having a shower with temperature below 65 degrees. An effective solution, ensures the municipal administration of Bresso, a sort of ‘ autosterilizzazione ‘, but with the risk of scalding. So, while continuing the interventions in housing, citizens, who already have to follow a set of behavioral norms, touch and hot showers. The SLA has made 28 picks in the territory and at the houses-the decision of the Municipality-24 are negative to the bacterium, and only four are positive. Although in the last three weeks there have been new cases reported, we prefer to be cautious and proactively invite administrators to elevate the temperature of the hot water distribution over 65 degrees, slide for half an hour in order to eliminate the bacteria. Please be careful not to burn yourself!. . For extended facts about this topic visit link.

Burger King stores: RTL planned new revelations.

The result: Continue many of Burger King standards in the Yi-ko are not respected restaurants. Such ingredients are still seven hours and longer instead of the maximum allowed four hours unrefrigerated in kitchen stored. Also the working conditions for its employees remain still critical: delayed salary payments or lack of salary during sickness are still the order of the day. Last Thursday, you have a questionnaire Burger King get and until 20 November set a deadline for responding. Shortly before the end of this deadline CEO announced now the immediate termination of the Yi-ko Franchsisenehmers Andreas Bork via press release. A Burger King spokesman said: the perception that may look perhaps so. But it is right that we are on the topic for some time off. A so far-reaching decision will not be made overnight. So things have converged. Meanwhile, Yi-ko wants to resist. The interim Managing Director Dieter announced stub, the restaurants should remain more open, merchandise is available. Handelsblatt quoted stub with the words that he wants to achieve with an injunction in court that the restaurants can continue for the time being. The dismissal had taken place surprisingly on Tuesday evening. A serious breach of contract there is no shaft is convinced. The branches can no longer open, the insolvency of the company would be the result, he said. . You should click the following weblink to read extra on this interesting topic.

Basketball, is break between Dinamo and weavers. In Kobe did get Formenti.

The break was in the air since last summer, and now it’s official: after the tensions of recent months. Dinamo Banco di Sardegna-is written in a note of camaraderie to Kobe-talk that today with Amedeo Weavers. After two years they separate the roads with the young Tuscan, which Centre they wish from the company for the remainder of his career, with the same respect and affection by all the staff. Middle class ‘ 94, grew in the nursery in Virtus Siena. Hired from Sassari with a four-year contract in the summer of 2012, was then loaned to Forlì in Legadue in 2012-13 serious pelvic. In the 2013-14 season he made his debut in Serie A with Dinamo. He dressed the blue Jersey at the European Championships Under-20 and Under-18 where he was top scorer of both tournaments. To replace Weavers could get Matteo Formenti. The former Toast is released and is training with the Angelico Biella. Last year he averaged 1.3 points per game with the Jersey of Enel. . You must check the following url to discover extra regarding this amazing subject.

Nicolas Véron: «  by creating its currency, the Islamic State group wants to provide the attributes of a real state  .

It is a gesture before all symbolic. The two widely accepted foreign currencies in the region are the dollar and the euro. The Islamic Group wants to give a ‘true’ State attributes. When the claim is to create a new political entity, use a different currency is not satisfactory on the ideological map. Or ideology counts a lot in this context. The Bitcoin is not credible either, as it also poses problems of ideology: it is a currency libertarian and désétatisée. Kosovo had adopted the euro at the time of independence, it was ideologically consistent as it allowed to assert membership in Europe. There’s not many examples similar to the EIS, in which there is no international recognition. The currency is one of the symbols of State autonomy but it is to put into perspective. To weigh as a political actor, the ability to use force and violence are more direct instruments. This new currency will probably not be used as a store of value. This is not a symbol of immense credibility, except that this entity reaches recognized stability. We must remember that the IC is in a situation of war economy in which there is no formal transactions with the international financial system. Create a currency is a symbol above all against its troops, its potential recruits, and more generally in the Islamic diaspora from other movements that could make allegiance and join the fight. The argument is symbolic more than strength for the rest of the world. No doubt that the EIS has the resources to create its currency. It is a logistics problem that they can manage, perhaps with private providers. Limit, any printer can do the trick if they do not fear the infringement. They need not necessarily Central Bank initially. Most central banks are creating relatively recent, more recent than the currency. The problem is to know if there is any short banks, in such a situation of chaos and in the absence of normal economic development. The State will have to start by giving a credible promise that tickets have value and are backed by physical reserves. After step would be to create credit in local currency, but it will be much harder. The currency of the EIS will be maybe a little used if the EIS forces people to do. In this case, the local population will use this currency as an instrument of transaction but probably not voluntarily as a store of wealth. It is simply a bargaining chip. People will prefer to use the euro and the dollar if they can. But I can’t imagine that the EIS can completely reach to impose its currency, even in the territory it currently controls. . Inspirational facts can be read clicking the following homepage.

After attack on synagogue in Jerusalem: Netanyahu Announces retaliation.

It was the first deadly attack on a synagogue in Jerusalem. We are in a struggle for Jerusalem, our eternal capital, wrote Netanyahu with the short message service Twitter. In this fight, we need to stick together; This is the order of the day. The two assassins he had called animals in human form before and announced tougher security measures in the city. Police Minister Izchak Aharonovich will allow more Israelis to carry weapons to defend themselves. Two Palestinians from Arab East of Jerusalem had stormed Har a synagogue in the district inhabited mainly by ultra-Orthodox Jews NOF on Tuesday. Armed with an AX, knives and a handgun attacked there praying. Four rabbis were killed, a police officer died later in a hospital according to hours, a media report. Several people were injured. The two Palestinians were shot dead minutes after their act by police officers in a firefight. Meanwhile, Israeli soldiers and police have destroyed the House of a Palestinian, who had killed two people in an attack in Jerusalem in October. The House in Silwan in East Jerusalem had been destroyed in the night, the army said. The young man drove his car into a group of pedestrians on October 22 at a tram stop in Jerusalem. A baby and a young woman were killed, the fleeing assassin was shot dead by a policeman. . For extended facts regarding this matter read

Animated anti-Islamisation Demo: by a diffuse fear.

That the fear of foreign infiltration occurs precisely in Dresden, surprising given the official figures: end October five per cent lived around 28 000 foreigners under the good 500 000 inhabitants–barely. This year, the city 1600 expected refugees, twice as many as a year ago, but far less than other cities. Also now formed a broad alliance of other churches, artists and unions. Hatred, could arise from hidden fear quickly warn the initiators. They also warn that the radicalization of individuals not on the religion as a whole should be transferred. "Pegida" fantasize a doom and gloom and a clash of civilizations, said a spokesman of the Saxon Refugee Council on a counter event before the Church of our Lady. The Dresden City Council and the Mayor Helma Orosz (CDU) Meanwhile published a resolution in which they explained our solidarity with the refugees. The signatories, who also fight in the reinterpretation of the record "We are the people!", always finished their events with the "Pegida" write "The question of how we deal with people in need, is the litmus test for all of us". The famous call of autumn 1989 rather stand for freedom, human dignity and democracy. . Extended info can be inspected clicking home page.

NATO condemns Russian very serious military strengthening in Ukraine and on the border (Stoltenberg).

NATO condemned Tuesday a very serious military reinforcement in the East of the Ukraine and the Russian side of the border, recalling that troops, equipment and Russian artillery units had been observed in the region. The Russia continues to destabilize the Ukraine, accused the Secretary general of the Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, arriving at a meeting with EU defence ministers in Brussels. The Russia has a choice: the Russia can either participate in a negotiated peace solution or either continue on the path that will lead to its isolation, he warned. We see movements of troops, equipment, tanks, artillery and anti-aircraft defence systems also modern, detailed Mr. Stoltenberg. It is a very serious military reinforcement (,.) both in Ukraine and on the Russian side of the border, and it has been established by NATO, but also sources locally, such as independent journalists or international observers of the OSCE, he added. This is a violation of the ceasefire agreement and we call on Russia to withdraw its forces from East of the Ukraine and to respect the Minsk agreement concluded in September between belligerents, providing for a truce and peace talks, continued the Secretary general of NATO. . You should click this to read more regarding this amazing subject.

The waste of the experience.

Rafael Fernandez-Almagro phone left ringing from one day to another six years. The Spanish headquarters of the French multinational which worked as chief operating officer succumbed to the financial storm. Fernández-Almagro stood in the street with 54 years, good health, experience and medium theory working life ahead. In practice, you soon realize that the labour market did not already have it. "From the 50′s, when are you going to ask for work, not bother to reply. Gives equal what you know. The age you exclude entry and full". Ruled out the possibility of a paid job, the next step was to decide how to make sense of the next 34 years which granted the statistics. At first glance, there was a wide selection of options there were. People older than 65 today total some eight million Spaniards with a wide range of ambitions and capabilities. Keep them entertained, soak Spa in Spa for decades is not a possible option for this population group. It is rather to offer formulas that allow what in the jargon is known as the ‘active ageing’. That is, find ways to who can easily combine pension and work, create spaces of leisure and social and political participation in those who live different generations; not cornering or dispense with those who call older. Those who look in the mirror and are not recognized in the helpless image that you have of them. Meanwhile, in the classroom of Secot ties students follow theirs, without paying excessive attention to what the outside world wait for or stop waiting for them. "This allows me to keep abreast in computer issues," says one. "It is best to work with people from other generations. I’ve agreed to worlds or imagined. I have advised a girl who rode a line of paddle clothing and a ballooning company. Everything I’ve learned can you imagine?, remacha fellow". . Inspirational data may be read visiting the following page.

Rugby: France team offers Australia (29-26).

It is a great success, for a whole bunch of reasons. XV de France finally emerged this Saturday night before one of the three great nations of the South, that he had not done since eight meetings over two years. He defended his property as a death from hunger, which is also a lot. For the rest, it will wait until the tournament to estimate the real value of this team. Expected much of this friction with Wallabies that are not necessarily also leaping that was dreading it, but is still the last great warriors from the South to face the roosters before England World Cup (September 18 – October 31, 2015). Fijians, a week before in Marseille, had just made a nice mouth (40-15) layout. The Argentines, meanwhile, are much too tired by a long season for size opposition, Saturday, always deliver to the Stade de France, in the last test of this fall tour. That we will have therefore learned the Australians of Michael Cheika, former coach of the French stage? Nothing that is not already known. These young blues are probably more enthusiastic than their predecessors. Just see Teddy Thomas, 21, while Pellet, succeed a slalom of forty metres within a medusee defence and score his fourth try in two games to understand that there are the FIFO and talent in this Cadet. Teddy Thomas test but there are also some mistakes and, more problematic, an inability to take the game to his account and to maneuver a ball in hand opponent. Even when they seem physically developed, Saint-André players fail to print the pace to meet. Their tactical impotence is revealed in the night of Saint-Denis. It spreads, match by match, since taking up the post of coach after the 2011 world. XV de France, a team of shots? Surely. Its long history is peppered with short-lived exploits. His concern, today as yesterday, is to evolve in a high register and repeat high level benefits. Yesterday, the contract has been completed, and it is already a lot. But the Australian three-quarters seemed too amateur – behind Folau was downright non-existent – to give to the success of the blue enough relief. The victories are linked in this month of November, this is the main say in heart Saint-André and Blanco, sitting side-by-side in the stands of the Stade de France. No doubt. Each and others will speak of newfound confidence, wit, good attitudes. They reason but at the bottom, it will remain as a serious doubt on the ability of these blues there to attack the World Cup in less than a year, in the skin of a potential winner.   . You can visit the following to read more regarding this interesting topic.