Airbus: after a year of testing, the A350 finally cleared to take-off.

Fifteen months after its first flight, and after 2. 600 hours of flight testing, the A350-900, last born of the Airbus family, received Tuesday the green light from the European authorities to enter into service at the end of the year, Qatar Airways. The new long haul of Airbus rival Boeing 777 and 787. The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has announced granting certification to the latest addition to the European aircraft manufacturer which "demonstrated that the device meets the safety and environmental requirements set by the EASA for European Union.  Patrick Ky, Director of EASA, stressed the maturity in the development of the aircraft, Airbus benefited from the experience of development of its previous programs including the A380 which acknowledged years of delays and substantial costs.  "Airbus and EASA (,.). able to establish pragmatic working methods which have proven their effectiveness for the certification,"he said. The European aircraft manufacturer announced mid-August that the A350 had completed its "route proving, around the world in 20 days aimed at testing the aircraft in conditions of actual operation, during which the aircraft travelled 151. 300 kilometers, flew 180 hours, and made a stop at 14 airports.  "With more than 2. «600 hours in total, we have developed and successfully completed one of the most rigorous and effective testing programs ever developed for a civilian aircraft ", said Fabrice Brégier, who welcomes the compliance costs and delays announced at client companies. "Today is an important day for the A350 programme (,.).". The A350 is certified, which paves the way for the first deliveries that will occur before the end of the year", said Didier Evrard, Director of the A350 programme during a conference call, not excluding to deliver more than a single copy by end of December.  In addition, he said that the A350-900 would receive the green light from the US authorities ‘current October’. The aircraft is available in two versions: the A350-900 – the certified Tuesday – and the A350-1000 version with 369 seats which will come into service mid-2017.  The Group initially provided a smaller version the A350-800 (276 seats), with entry into service mid-2016. But this device is about to be abandoned in favour of the A330neo, version remotorisée of the A330 due in 2017. Equipped with engines Trent XWB from Rolls-Royce and capable of carrying 315 passengers over a distance of 14. 500 kilometres, the aircraft is strategic for the constructor, engaged in a race with rival Boeing for dominance of the lucrative market for long-range aircraft. The A350 has long-haul range of Airbus that included already an another Jet, the A330, and the super Jumbo A380, the biggest airliner in the world capable of carrying more than 600 passengers. «The A350 XWB displayed many new innovative technologies that make all the difference in terms of passenger comfort and profitability for the companies,» said Fabrice Brégier, CEO of Airbus.  This new Jumbo is the first model of the European aircraft manufacturer mostly made of carbon-fiber composites.  The manufacturer has invested 10 to 12 billion euros in this strategic program. Despite a huge cancellation of Emirates this year about 70 aircraft, the A350 is already, with 750 net orders, a commercial success – particularly in Japan with a command of 31 copies by the JAL-which prompted Boeing to launch the 777 X, version remotorisée of its Jumbo star.  The announcement of the certification "comes as Delta Airlines announced on 24 September have selected the B787-9 and the A350-900 for the replacement of a number of wide-bodied estimated at 50", said Christophe Ménard, aviation expert at Kepler Cheuvreux. However, Didier Evrard said "strolling away" still waiting for Airbus. «The challenge now for the A350 programme is to start first deliveries with Qatar Airways, deliver the successive operators and climb rate of production», he summarized.  He recalled that the Group was a production of 10 aircraft per month on the horizon 2018.  The leader has however assured that this program would be profitable while the A380 will reach the financial balance in 2015, that is eight years after its entry into service. . Additional information can be found reading

After rape in US universities: Yes to consensual sex.

Nearly every student in the United States knows the mattress by Emma Sulkowicz. The big mattress with the blue cover, which pulled out of her dorm, has become the symbol of their protest. Together, they adorn the cover of the New York now magazine. Art student Sulkowicz is initiator of the action carry that weight (tow the load). A fellow student they raped after a party, but of the new Columbia University she got no support, says the young woman. On the contrary, experienced a nagging hearing, according to his own statement, the man was acquitted. Really admire this woman’s smarts & strategy, despite huge questions about underlying issue. http://t. co/qYXxH0ZVOy pic. Twitter. com/jJvOTFcrnN-Tom Gara (@tomgara) 22 September 2014, Obama wants to raise universities for the problem motto: it’s on US (by us depends). The campaign to create a culture that does not tolerate rape. It is aimed at the campus members, especially the male, and wants to encourage them to intervene. The logic behind this: If six per cent of students attacking women, there is still 94 percent, which can do that – and therefore do something to stop sexual assaults. . Root source can be read checking this

Cevennes flood are not inevitable.

Each year occurs rain Cevennes"episode, well known to climatologists, meteorologists or geographers. Each year floods occur in populated areas, sometimes dramatic. And each year, television media dramatically put focus on damage or misfortunes without seriously questioning the chain of causes and consequences. And even less without really denouncing responsibilities. The rains at this time in the Languedoc are recurrent, expected can be said. Air masses from the South, responsible of humidity after passing above the Mediterranean Sea, found indeed in the land of air masses from the North and already colder. Beginner on the chain of the Cevennes, they go up in altitude and trigger rainfall, first on the peaks but could also win the plain. During the episode of Lamalou-les-Bains, he fell 200 mm in five or six hours on the night of 17 to 18 September 2014. Gold standard average (although we must always be wary of averages, but take this as a cue,.) is between 200 and 400 mm on forty-eight to seventy-two hours. In addition, just look at the map produced by Freddy Vinet, a professor at the Université Paul Valéry Montpellier III, to see that the number of episodes than 190 millimetres of rain in 24 hours has more than a hundred in the Languedoc-Roussillon on more than 30 years (1958-1994)! Moreover, this map was produced from data provided by,. Weather France. (Analysis of precipitation and the ancient flood in Languedoc-Roussillon) The drama of the Faute-sur-mer with the Xynthia storm (February 2010) clearly showed the extent of fraudulent and criminal practices in this area. With the blessing of the Mayor, planning Assistant are generously distributed building permits to a family member responsible for subdivide them and build,. They ignored even from the prohibitions of the prefect, which demonstrates passing the limits or the choice of State power: able to send security forces to release a Roma camp but unable to close an illegal, tourist campsite and profit that one. One reported politically, another economically. Lamalou-les-Bains, there are ten Cévennes episodes than 190 mm upstream of the city, and one in the town itself since 1958. The campsite that there was devastated by the last flood was built in the flood zone with, in addition, two aggravating factors: the rupture of an ice jam caused by the uses of the banks of Bitoulet, and a close upstream recently urbanized, where rapid and abundant water concentration. But we not lament. We are not at the level of the doomsday of the environment which alert us on the planet who will die"unattainable scales for the average citizen who finds himself thus stripped and thus demobilized face issues which seem to surpass it (would it also not the goal? Can in any case be asked). On the other hand, what takes place in his commune, its occupation of soils, it, it can know and master it, can inform him: everything that happens not to be,. Rather than calculate ‘ecological footprints’ to students – with methods that leave thoughtful as it is nothing less that transform of cubic metres consumed (water, wood, grain,.) in square footage, virtual Moreover – a geographically correct company could take them on the ground, show them flood-prone areas, the traces of the flood passed, make them work on aerial photosancient and modern maps. Who does? Is this possible? Yes. In given means? Non. Should we wait means to make think schoolchildren, college students and high school students? Non. Of course, it is, in these circumstances, more convenient to talk about "global warming" or "CO2" – was still heard about these recent episodes Cévennes – because this helps dilute the responsibilities, and therefore solutions, instead of point real, local, and well identifiable responsibilities at the base. Mindlessness, really? Would it not rather of economic and moral corruption? Because a mayor left without real control and imperative mandate (banned by the French Constitution, let us note) is even more easily subjected to the pressure of some people that neither he nor they have two essential things: competence (knowledge, judgment, hindsight,.), often (where a problem statement), and, above all, a true mastery of the ground, i.e. of land. The game of private property is a kind of economy smaller casino that will strut the collective risks. . For extra about this topic click link.

VIDEOS. Christine and The Queens, Yelle,. they wake up the French song.

This is the new new French song. As a second generation after that of Bénabar, Delerm, Biolay, Cali, Miossec, Dominique A,. Artists today installed, still inspired some Purring for more. Above all, they suddenly took a shot of old, jostled by young people who move the lines. «When you say that you do the song, people imagine you with the pipe and the guitar in the corner of the fire», launches Ben Mazué. This medical degree is far from all that with his wonderful new album that combines the talk of slam, folk melodies and chaloupes rhythms of rap. Same song multidisciplinary for Christine and The Queens, singer, dancer, fan of Beyonce, Madonna, Christophe or Vivaldi. Defend our language we are musicians who sing in french, but who seize references non-French, analysis the artist. And the public does taste more and more.  "For evidence, the astounding success of a Stromae, which defends our language on techno that begins to seduce the Anglo-Saxons. Just as Yelle, a Breton who has already carved a big success abroad, especially in the United States. "Quite a lot of American record companies approached us, we suggesting to sing in English, she said. But it is a no-brainer for us to sing in french. We love playing with words, the double meaning, different degrees of reading.  "And this wave is called to grow. Will sweep this fall Vianney, a young designer who worked tubes as an old couturier, the troubling fire! CHATTERTON, who send valser Léo Ferré, and in the costume of the annual Quebec sensation, Klô Pelgag, alchemist of sounds and words.  Everything we love in the song of today. VIDEO. Ben Mazué in Paris: ‘Living’ live VIDEO. Ben Mazué in Paris: ’25 years’ and ’35 years’ live VIDEO. Yelle went to live at the new Casino VIDEO. But who really is Christine and The Queens?   . For extra insights on this subject visit

Jihadists process: Men with needles in the arm.

No one knows so exactly How many jihadists from Europe in the fight pulling Syria and in the Iraq. The anti-terrorism coordinator of Gilles de Kerchove, the European Union said these days by more than 3000. From 300 to 350 from Belgium to come. Against this alleged jihadists 45 started a trial for belonging to a terrorist organization and other offenses on Monday before a court in Antwerp under strictest security. An another defendant is the 32-year-old Faoud Belkacem. He should have not even travelled to the Middle East and there is also no weapons in hand. Only seven defendants appeared at the beginning of the process. Nine should be dead by now, more 29 may, so Belgian authorities suspect remains Islamist terrorist organizations fighting for. An another defendant was missing in the short term, apparently for health reasons. The appearance of the 19-year-old Jejoen Bontinck was awaited with. He was pulled early 2013 after Syria in the battle and returned home disappointed again eight months later. Bontinck is defendant, but also one of the main witness in the process. According to his own account, he should in Syria because he does not have To want fight, as spy have been viewed and threatened. In addition, he reported for a time by the terrorist militia to have divided the cell IS hostage pinned and beheaded in the August American journalist James Foley. Although there are doubts about the credibility of some statements of Bontincks, the public prosecutor’s Office considered him important witness in the trial of the members of "Saria4Belgium". "It appears as if they stick a needle in your arm and you’ll completely absorbed by the Organization and their ideas", Bontinck said upon his return to Belgium. On his arrival in the Antwerp courtroom on Monday, he shrouded in silence. . You can check the following url to learn more about this great topic.

Sigfox: Our growth goes very quickly, the challenge is huge.

How do you see Sigfox in one year?Anne Lauvergeon. -In a year Sigfox will have made the path because we are in a phase of intense acceleration. We will deploy our network in the United States, the country that will develop more quickly connected objects. We have just obtained approval from the FCC (the federal system of telecoms Americans, Editor’s note). This is a significant breakthrough for Sigfox already deployed in France, Spain, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. We are being signed in Europe (Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Austria, Italy and Germany) in North America and in the Asia Pacific (India, China, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Thailand and Indonesia). We are also in talks with a score of African countries. That what can stop Sigfox?Ludovic the Moan. -If you run well the year 2015, we are almost office. We will have created an ecosystem and a global footprint. In the field of mobile, and despite their technology, Windows and Microsoft have not managed to dethrone the Apple IOS and Android. With a solution of very long range communication, low consumer of energy, non-polluting in terms of electromagnetic radiation and at very low cost, we are very much in advance. The manufacturers who develop applications and services will have to use our network. The competition appears but she two years behind. What are the ambitions of Sigfox?L. L. M. – our growth goes very quickly, the challenge is huge. Technological risks are behind us. The challenge now is to deploy commercially. We want to be world leader. The citizens of the world will be surrounded by connected objects. In the same way that everyone starts to make applications on the App Store, everyone will develop connected objects. A door opens to a new world. Sigfox has been the object of several offers is highly courted. Do you have more offers of redemption than a few months ago?A. L. – Yes but our goal is not to be redeemed. We want us to grow into a very nice company. L. L. M. – we will not sell. We are in the phase of preparation of the IPO (Initial Public Offering, IPO, Editor’s note). There will be first a refinancing of the company phase early 2015. The IPO is scheduled for 2016. The challenge is to cover the United States as soon as possible and introduce the NASDAQ in New York. Will Sigfox recruit?A. L. – we were 45 year ago, 80 this year and staff should, at least, double a year. We want to be world leader. We must therefore structures much more powerful than those of today. We are looking for profiles in R & D, engineering, support, commercial, marketing with an international vision. If the company is several billion euros of turnover, mechanically, we need thousands of people. With its global ambitions, can Sigfox stay in Toulouse?L. L. M. – Yes. We have teams in Paris, in Madrid, to the United States and, for the moment, we have no plans to move the seat. Around us, many young companies develop in our wake. Anne Lauvergeon, arrival to the Presidency of the Board of Directors of Sigfox surprised. How did you experience things?A. L. – I was amazed the general astonishment! The United States, it is quite normal for a leader of large enterprise to become patron of a promising start-up. In France, it does not exist because everything is partitioned with result often small businesses become ever larger. I hope to do school and give envy of great entrepreneurs to engage alongside nuggets because adventure is exhilarating. Me, I arrive in a business where a remarkable work has been done and where we must now accelerate. Through Innovation 2030, you want to bring out the future champions of the French economy. What is your plan?A. L. – we launched under the Programme of investment for the future and in relying on Bpifrance, a worldwide competition for innovation that is underway. Companies from around the world can apply provided that they invest and create employment in France and they are part of 7 strategic ambitions: the storage of energy, recycling of metals, the valorisation of marine resources, vegetable proteins and chemistry of plant, individualized medicine, the development of massive data (big data). I am struck by the energy deployed by very many heads of start-up company. They belie auto English permanent bashing that we affligeons to us same. . For additional facts on this subject click homepage.

Drugs: Need more frame the requirements of physicians.

This weekend took place the sixi Chamonix me Edition of the CHAM Convention (convention on health analysis management), the Davos of health r unites the gratin of d decision-makers fran ais in the sector – political, leaders: hospitals, industrial pharmacy. Th me: freedom (to choose a doctor, to settle, to prescribe), with regard to the in s galit. Especially undoubtedly of news, o insurance comes to announce his decision d to supervise the prescription Crestor and Ezetrol, two m drugs s destiny pr come accidents cardiovascular s li of rates too lev s cholest rol, and d expenses explode. An initial, that soul ve pol endemic to the m medical community. Intervening agreement, the teacher of th therapeutic Jean-Fran ois Bergmann, former Vice Chairman of the Commission on transparency, returns to this decision indicated e. d,. and on the need to regulate more n requirements. It’s a way of r Güler the use of these products, but I’m not s r whatsoever the most intelligent. It is administrative very, very heavy, and therefore hardly acceptable for m doctors. In addition, this isn’t a 1000 gun shots: can not use it to many mol molecules, otherwise, this will quickly become ing Maple. It must therefore choose its target, and from this point of view, I am not s r that the two drugs m screws s are a good target. To reduce expenditure, it would be t more efficient to lower the price of the Crestor and remove the reimbursement of Ezetrol, a product that did not proof of its effectiveness. Commen ons first by a better initial training in th therapeutic, with more time devoted this subject in m medicine studies. And also a real training continuous, obligatory and recertifiante – focusing on practice m medical liked t on firm management or labour relations, such as too often offer m medical unions. It should also further control the practices m medical. We control the today orders: as a result, Medicare knows exactly what prescribed each doctor. But it is not known why he made these orders: we could put in place a system me recording and coding of the diagnoses in order to connect the two. Obviously, agenda and m doctors unions refuse any measure of this kind, which would yet am improve the quality of the practices. And, finally, it should also be a national guide to th therapeutic destination of m doctors, which would have an official nature. Britain has such an instrument, updated every six months. Why not the France? � . Main source may be studied clicking the following source.

Material defects in the Bundeswehr: stranded cargo plane in Gran Canaria.

The breakdown series at the Bundeswehr does not break down. A Transall transport plane broke down already broken on Friday on the way to the Ebola aid mission in Senegal on Gran Canaria, as a spokesman for the air force confirmed on Monday. A replacement machine was sent in now with technicians for the repair on the Canary Islands. This machine is to fly in the Senegal and there for the airlift in the areas of Ebola in Liberia, there are Guinea and Sierra Leone. In West Africa, two Transall machines together with French and American aircraft will participate in the airlift. You should bring relief to the crisis area. To be stationed about 100 soldiers in the Senegalese capital Dakar. Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) had been due to equipment problems in the Bundeswehr in criticism. German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) strengthened her back on Monday. Except right openly provide information on the problems of the Bundeswehr and to tackle, how do it of the Leyen, said Government spokesman Steffen Seibert on Monday in Berlin. "This is concretely taking responsibility", he said. This process had "the full support" of the Federal Chancellor. The rest is necessary for the armed forces despite the shortcomings in the equipment: "it is operational, it is ready for use." The Defense Ministry expressed similarly. "This is the Alliance and the defence capabilities not in question", a spokesman said. . You can read the following fact to read more regarding this great matter.

AfD in Hamburg: egregiously, outraged.

Hamburg would be a reasonably normal state, then you could see just a political upheaval. Right from the CDU emerges a new party, the alternative for Germany. After their triumph in Saxony before predictable success in Thuringia and Brandenburg next weekend and given good nationwide polls, it would be rather surprising if she don’t up in February in the citizenship. A political upheaval? Oh what, in Hamburg are new parties an age-old phenomenon. What passes beyond the country’s borders as a party, simply because there are boards, programs and members at some point, thats more a State as an organization: a snapshot of a troubled middle-class, which founds short-lived parties and destroyed, as sports appear elsewhere, perish and be forgotten. Nowhere in the West the party bindings are so loose, the majorities so fleetingly. That a Government can rely in a five or more party system at all even on an absolute majority, enough has been rare. That within a few years proved the two different parties, the CDU and SPD – which previously only existed in Hamburg. Does anyone remember to dieStatt party? Founded in the early 1990s in a crisis of the CDU with the claim to be the party of better conservatives spread rapidly it from Hamburg in the Federal, to break just as fast on its inner conflicts. Or judge merciless Schill, the man in the container: today a clown, he was thirteen years ago yet the political hopefuls of a new right. Also his party was just too big for Hamburg and then too small for measurable results within a few years. Since then, there were the Freie Wähler, an anti-euro-party, the Centre Party, the Rights Center HeimatHamburg, just added a second FDP – what is now trying the AfD because many have failed before her. The AfD in Hamburg – Who is this We are seriously disappointed, the locksmith Peter Lorkowski, AfD District Deputy in Harburg says. He did once for the Schill party in the citizenship and now hopes to get a second time there as a member of the AfD. It was Schill, disappointed the Langit, which took the base. We does not distinguish between old Schill cronies and new AfD politicians Lorkowskis. The AfD is the re-formation of the self-conscious middle class in Germany, Bernd Baumann, an economist, professional investor says, but on a small scale. At this rate one must imagine the stylish interior of a modern Villa in Othmarschen, that locksmith’s shop culturally and monetarily so far is how geographically by Lorkowskis. Baumann has to print cards on which is head of strategy and planning. The sentence about the re-formation of the self-conscious middle class is the quintessence of his considerations. . Original source may be found clicking this info.

While British Prime Minister David Cameron is ready to send special air team to capture the executioner of Foley and Sotloff, Al Qaeda threat: the war will arrive in the West. In an audio message posted on the internet the head of Antakya, the Syrian group affiliated with the terrorist network, warned the Western peoples that continue the bombing against the jihadists in Syria will bring the war to their countries. Your executives are not the only ones to pay the price of war, said the number one at Antakya, Abu Nohammad al-Julani, addressing the citizens of Western countries-you will pay the highest price. Meanwhile, the coalition forces led by the United States bombarded, on Sunday evening, the largest gas complex in the hands of the Isis, Coneco, Syria’s largest. This was announced by the Centre for human rights in Syria, London-based Ngo. To David Cameron that the so-called Jihadi John-the executioner of Isis which has beheaded two American nationals, Foley and Sotloff and compatriot Haines-is a British citizen who joined the jihadists Burns so much that he announced to his more ‘ close advisers of being determined to send the commandos of the Special Air Service (Sas) in Syria to capture him. The all even without the green light from Parliament. For Jihadi John catturar-premier said according to the Mail on Sunday-you must first know where you are, right? We know that it’s in Syria and I are clearly reserved, in the case where you have to act immediately, both to protect a vital British interest or to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe, the right to speak first and then go to the municipalities. . You must read this to read extra about this interesting matter.