Mistral: flight equipment aboard the first PCB for the Russia.

Expensive equipment, including virtual hard disks of computers and equipment transmission, has flown aboard the Vladivostok, first building of projection and class command (BPC) Mistral built for Russia, which is currently in Saint-Nazaire, announced on Friday the daily the Point.    According to the newspaper, the disappearance of hard drives and other high-tech equipment provided by Thales was reported on 25 November.    Judicial Rennes, in charge of the investigation, police found no trace of tampering. The suspicion nevertheless weigh on the immediate vicinity of the vessel.    It is not even to suspect the Russians, a source at the Ministry of defence said.    Tuesday, November 25, french president François Holland suspended the delivery to Russia of the first of the two Mistral class buildings at the France-controlled Moscow. The president of the Republic has motivated his decision by the fact that the current situation in the East of the Ukraine did not always deliver the ship. . Main source can be studied checking the following http://fa7f609ff752eca0c46fead650e9ea46.chewz.net.

Bundesliga Preview: Foam shoots gates.

Wolfsburg against Gladbach. Second against third parties, and there the FC Bayern anyway in another League plays, is this about the true champions. To the best of the rest, for the title of the other. A carmaker and the statistics speak for Wolfsburg. No other National League team Gladbach has a worse record than against Wolfsburg. The son of a Swiss mountain farmers and a certain international seriousness speak for Gladbach. Only one of the six German UEFA teams, they brought a fat point this week. All others, Bayern, Dortmund, Schalke, Leverkusen and Wolfsburg, lost. The League of the world champion was too bad for Europe. The Derby, because all spiders. Leverkusen Cologne is located in the West, in the East, the Dresden drive to Rostock, third League. Adult people behave like neanderthals, days before the games. Leverkusen face Cologne Zoo with a goat goat head harvested from, Rostock spray Saxony hunt on the walls of their city, in Rostock, even a car with Dresdner flag burned this week. It is not clear whether there is a link to the game on Saturday, but the mood is sufficiently warmed up. Two of the nastiest fan groups of the country come together. Those fans who provide their tasteless provocation exactly the negative press, which they then complain. Those fans that deeper go in their clubs both head over-indebted with their actions and subsequent penalty payments, lack the analytical skills but that to recognize that. Derby preparation also creative feel, the followers of Fortuna Düsseldorf proved in the last year, by the way. Huub Stevens. After the last but rather medioker coming therefore coach Armin Veh at Stuttgart more had no desire on a mediocre team, the responsible persons of the VfB faced the question: who should be the new? While they proved a creativity as known otherwise only at pasting of maultaschen in Swabia. You simply took the one that was already there a year ago, Huub Stevens just. That you didn’t believe him prior to the season, to lead the Club in the future, given. Stevens should do, what he can do best: evil look, hard work and prevent goals. That the Stuttgart, which don’t even have a Manager, let alone something like a concept, just only discouraged further muddle, also donated. The future is for later. . For more insights about this subject check http://fa7f609ff752eca0c46fead650e9ea46.chewz.net.

Biathlon: Sometimes, I exhausted me mentally entrusted Martin Fourcade.

Sometimes I exhausts me mentally, said the double Olympic champion biathlon Martin Fourcade told AFP, who admits being unable to not do things thoroughly whereas began this weekend a new World Cup season. Of mind are Q: in what state you before this new season?A: I project myself completely until Christmas, and biathlon only. There is a sport where it adds so much, a little to the image of a basketball season to the United States. It made 34 races in 9 weeks, necessarily take you to the game. During this time, you will practice more. You run, you travel, you run, you travel,. Then until December, it was clear to me and then I referai point based on what happened in December, with targets or not, my ranking to the general of the World Cup. The world are far in March (4-15 March in Kontiolahti in Finland). I know that I want but I am focused first on what is happening. Q: after your Mononucleosis this summer, it is more feasible to double biathlon and cross-country skiing?A: the door is always open on the part of the supervision of cross-country skiing. Is there an opportunity, why not but I must be honest 100%. I am unable to not do things thoroughly. I would like to but I do not know. I cannot imagine to do my job at 80%. The difference is small but I would find it difficult to accept for 20% below my level, make me happy without make me happy indeed. For example, when I go to Norway (in summer 2015, for about 6 months), I won’t be tourist, I’ll train me living there. I want to experience another culture also, because even if it is of high performance athletes, it also has a social life, let’s eat at friends (laughs). I want to discover this new world with my companion, find myself in a different environment. But it is not at all in the idea to say I take the seasons that come to lightly, because the games are in four years and I well time to get back. Q: you happen to you tiring yourself?A: Oh Yes. Sometimes I exhausts me mentally! This is a defect, I am whole, when I have a project and that I start, or I am doing well or so I do not. For example, I have trouble delegating. When this is not done well, I cannot go to me. I know that I have a pretty rhythmic life, I know it is me who can succeed in all harmonize in the best possible. Even if it takes me enormous energy to get there. I can say: Mononucleosis has not come for nothing, but because I was tired, because there had been new solicitations after the Olympics, new things to manage and that finally I had retained the same operating system. Yes, I had delegated a part, in communication, in extra-sportif. But then it’s stupid, but I like everything. This is not a constraint to do so. It is a medium, the sports marketing in the broad sense, which I love and where I see myself more later. And suddenly I find it hard to separate me from it even if I find myself doing things that are unimaginable. Interview by Frédéric BOURIGAULT. Original source can be found clicking the following http://fa7f609ff752eca0c46fead650e9ea46.chewz.net.

Van Hamme, giant of the BD: proof by XIII.

Everything he touches turns into gold. And it is more than 40 years that it lasts. 75 spring, Jean Van Hamme, elegant, discreet and phlegmatic, is a Belgian writer gentleman who follows its route without too worrying 40 millions of albums that were sold under his name. If he celebrates with satisfaction the 30th anniversary of his cult XIII series (designed by William Vanceet) published by Dargaud starring the most famous amnesiac spy from the comics, he recently also published the 19th volume of his famous Hero, Largo Winch (crossover with Philippe Francq in drawing, at Dupuis). While fervently wishing to finish writing the play what he calls its wishes for twenty-five years. Comfortably installed in the sofa in a charming hotel near the Odeon in Paris, ‘Mr. + 10% of the comics’ savoured his triumph, before returning to Brussels with his wife, Huguette. The opportunity to point out the highlights of his career in thirteen highlights. . Related text can be inspected reading reference.

That night in Asia: China market capitalization exceeds that of the Japan.

This year, several phenomena have been changing mentalities. Firstly, the Chinese power multiplied support measures to the economy to a more pronounced slowdown than expected, as the decline in interest rates decided by Beijing recently testified. On the other hand, in the spring, he launched the construction of the ‘stock connect ‘. It is a bridge between the exchanges in Hong Kong and Shanghai which must allow foreign investors to buy securities in mainland China and thus appears capable of increasing the inflow of capital in Shanghai square. Even if the flows in question are currently disappointing, Shanghai is still attractive in the eyes of investors. Many find especially the valuation of companies, relatively to their profits, remains weak, and are betting that the reforms being Crown corporations could boost their profitability. A point of view that however reject all those concerned before about the level of corporate debt, which has increased dramatically in recent years. In appearance, the information interest to specialists. According to anonymous sources cited by the Reuters news agency, the Chinese Central Bank advance quickly in the definition of a system of insurance of bank deposits. It could be launched quickly, perhaps as early as January. This project is mentioned for many years, but it was slow to materialize. It is however considered by economists as crucial for China. In fact, the imbalance of the Chinese economic model – based excessively on investment and not enough on consumption – stems in good part of the responsibility of the banks. These heavily indebted in the early 2000s, have benefited from more than ten years of a too-friendly system, in which deposition rates were capped, and the credit rates limited by a floor. Thanks to the difference between these two rates, they were assured of comfortable profits. Evolving in a universe artificially devoid of risk, they lend primarily to State enterprises, considered as safe, while households, they saw their savings be poorly paid, often at levels lower than inflation. A context that pushed them to hoard more, because of the virtual absence of social protection. . You must check the following http://fa7f609ff752eca0c46fead650e9ea46.chewz.net to discover more about this great subject.

Hand: the France begins in Golden League.

The France has managed his first game of the Golden League, which serves as preparation for the Euro – 2014 women’s handball, dominating a pale Serbia (22-18), Thursday in Larvik (Norway). The blue draw little teachings of this friendly match against vice-championnes of the Serbs, greatly diminished world and away from their best level. But they be satisfied with good grace of this victory, allowing them to continue to work in serenity in the perspective of the Euro (7-21 December in Hungary and Croatia). The French meet Friday (19 h 10) Norway, Vice-Champion of Europe in 2012, and Sunday (18 h 30) Denmark, Medal of bronze of the world-2013. These two matches should enable them to learn more about their State of form, and help Alain doors to narrow his choices for the Euro, particularly on the left back position where nobody not really stood out. Faced with many absences, coach had still accelerate the rejuvenation of the team which he had commenced at his inauguration. Lack of cohesion of the tricolour is felt in the second half against Serbs that intersect it again in the first round of the Euro. Very quickly led 5-2, the Blues regained their defensive foundations to inflict a 8-0 to the Serbs (5-10, 19th). Back from injury, Amandine Leynaud reassured by multiplying judgments. Well circulating the ball, without hesitating to push up their ailières, the French continued to align the goals at an interesting pace (13-7, 27th). But they were then caught by their youth, Alain doors multiplying rotations. The France is left will result in a false pace by an opponent in surprisingly little aggressive. The Serbs returned to-2 (16-18, 46th), forcing the coach to take a time-out to replace the play of his team. This minute of rest has had the desired effect, the blue covering their minds to remain 11 minutes without conceding any goal. With the return to the position of half-back Gnonsiane Nawaf, their attack also took shape, which allowed them to finish with a margin better reflecting the difference between the two teams. . You must click the following hyperlink to discover more regarding this interesting topic.

Europa League: Gladbach against Villareal, Wolfsburg is subject to Everton.

21:00 the first leg in Mönchengladbach ended on the first day of the game with 1:1. It was the first meeting of the two clubs. In the recent three home games this season, which won all Villarreal, the Spanish scored four goals. Gladbach is away still undefeated (2 WINS, 1 draw), but has lost his last two performances in Spain with four goals. 20:54 in the Bundesliga conceded the Moenchengladbach last two defeats in a row (0-1 in Dortmund and Eintracht Frankfurt 3-1). We have analyzed the games and know that we have allowed too many chances of the opponent in two encounters, so Favre. There are a few things we need to correct, to have success again. 20:53 final whistle in Wolfsburg. The VfL lost this game 2-0. The Lower Saxony had enough chances, just simply not a fortune today. Overall only unfortunately the English gave a good performance of the wolves, a paradigm of efficiency and Abgezockheit today. It lacked today on pages of Wolfsburg. The progress is thus adjourned and lost the top spot. Now it involves on December 11 in Lille for the Bundesliga making it into the second round. . You should check this site to read extra about this amazing subject.

FootballBetting, mobile phone analysis exonerates Mauri. Blizzard on the tennis court.

There are burning in the phone conversations of the Lazio Captain Stefano Mauri. No apparent acknowledgement with twenty keywords used by experts, the conclusion of the analysis filed yesterday during the accident investigation of probative of Cremona on FootballBetting. And the blue player out cos of scene from new line opened by pm Roberto De Martino on match-fixing. We delivered the Following pin and phone examination showed nothing. It’s been certified the estraneit of Mahathir, says his lawyer adherence to Hamilcar. KEY WORDS to put in trouble the Lazio player was a chat, checked a month ago, in which he made reference to a certain Stephen for the alleged combine in meetings of Sassuolo and Parma. The call was contained in the pc of Paolo Roberto Palmieri, suspect, friend of Alessandro Zamperini and Mauri. Investigators pointed out the presence of Palmieri in Lecce in the days leading up to Lecce-Lazio in May 2011, finished 2-4, and in the interview between him and some Stefano160268 talking about betting and wagering on Crotone and Triestina. But Stefano Mauri, no one noted the perished at the end of the 13th century electronic devices between computers, mobile phones and tablet in what were looking for nineteen keywords: hug, cheques, Beppe, bolognesi, IOU, Cervia, civ, warranty, gol-gol, handicap, makelele, over, ovetto, draw, under large egg, egg small, victory, Gypsy-Gypsy. Words present in the conversations contained in the memories of the phones and PCs of 27 suspects, but not in Lazio’s captain Blackbarry. Who called to draw the conclusions of this investigation should consider careful cos of these technical results proving once and for all the estraneit of Mauri, adherence to all notes. TENNIS in the VIEWFINDER While the investigation focuses on the new trend of betting in tennis. Wednesday was questioned for seven hours Manlio Bruni, accountant of former national team striker Beppe Signori: three games that the pm Damian wanted to deepen, a of 2009 and two of 2011 (Casablanca tournaments and Barcelona) and the charge would be combined. According to the Prosecutor in the tennis circuit there was a real hunt for injured athlete. When a mid-level player is hurt was approached by representatives of the organization that set out to take the field and losing the match however compromise, earn money cos the accident. And some chat would try the existence of this mechanism, capable of conveying bets up to 250 thousand euros in minor tournaments. . You can check the following website to learn more on this amazing subject.

Case TU & #287; çe: how to behave in situations of violence.

Get out of the ladies room. Leave the girls alone! With these words, the 22-year old Mohammad A. came two girls to help who were afflicted in the bathroom at the McDonald’s branch in Offenbach by several men. Tammy wanted to help the defenseless victims, tried to settle a dispute – and paid with their lives at the end. Others speak directly and ask for help. Often seen how people in emergency situations, others just standing around and watching, instead of helping. Many want to help, but it needs a push, says Oliver Malchow. Contact therefore targeted bystanders and move them to intervene. For example:, get you in the blue jacket help! Call the police! Do not hesitate in situations of violence, but alert the emergency services. Imagine not the question whether this is right or not, says Malchow. Called the police will often on missions, that turned out at the end rather than emergency. In the case, the caller must fear no negative consequences. If you select the 110, explain exactly what happened and where you are. Let victims and perpetrators know that professional help is on the way. Be witness of events. Be mindful. If the perpetrator has fled: saw, he ran it from and in what direction? Remember what happened to give details later work to the course of action. Remain at the scene until the police arrived. If you have time, leave your name and phone number. . For extra information regarding this subject read http://fa7f609ff752eca0c46fead650e9ea46.chewz.net.

Video: Conference in Potsdam: Prime Ministers discuss future of the solidarity surcharge.

On Thursday, the deep conflicts of interest between some SPD and CDU-led countries about the future of the 2019 expiring tax, showed again. SPD countries, such as North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony request the transfer of the Solis by 5.5 per cent in the income tax. Union representatives reject this as a hidden tax increase. Lower Saxony Prime Minister Stephan Weil: some Union politicians pretend at the moment, that they want the solos in the future. This is confirmed by any relevant page but – as far as I know. And the proposal of the SPD ruled countries, I repeat that still likes, which cost anybody more money at the end. Prime Minister of Hesse, Volker Bouffier stressed the need for an overall solution in the interests of the individual federal States would have to be observed: you must be firm Constitution. And that’s why I don’t set me there. It has political implications, but we’re still not ready. I advertise for a result and less for intermediate results there is agreement among countries so far only, that they want to be involved on the one or the other way solos revenue of the Federal Government. LOCATION: POTSDAM closing. You can read this http://fa7f609ff752eca0c46fead650e9ea46.chewz.net to read extra regarding this great topic.