Obesity, depression, accidents – finally proved: early makes sick students.

According to estimates, 10 percent of Germans suffer sleep disorders. Especially young people makes creating researchers according to the early beginning of the lessons because it is contrary to their internal clock. During puberty, young people become night owls? "In before puberty, turns to the internal clock and often moves backwards," said Geert Mayer, Chairman of the German society of sleep research and sleep medicine (DGSM). The youths later went to bed – would still Very much early for school stand up. Today but known that adequate sleep is important for preserving memory content, Mayer explained further. This concerns both dream and deep sleep phases. New imaging techniques show this in numerous studies. The sleep researcher Judith Owens from the children’s calls national health system in Washington because, backwards to move the start of school. According to their studies, the academic performance improved, if only start the 30 or 9 o’clock against 8. Also, less students of fatigue in the classroom complained. It is most effective for learners when they follow their internal clock: A "late workers" should learn so in the evening, prefer morning the experienced the day before again recap an "early bird". Overall, the early start of the school precludes the chronobiology – the temporal rhythm so – many young people. Because it’s hard to fall asleep earlier than applied in the inner clock. . For extended insights regarding this topic check http://mirapodo.ingyenesenletolthetokonyvek.net.

Syrian dissidents conquer border crossing after Israel.

In the Syrian war radical militias move closer Damascus – to Israel. Opponents of the regime in Damascus in Kunaitra took the border crossing to Israel-controlled Golan Heights. It is the second painful defeat for the regime of President Bashar al-Assad in the Syrian war within a few days. Fighters of the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS) in the northeast of the country had taken the strategically important military airport of Al-Tabka on the weekend. He was the last bastion of the regime in the province of Al Rakka. The UN Human Rights Council complained the IS terrorist militia commit in Syria as the most brutal in the Iraq war crimes and crimes against humanity. It says so IS militia killed people in their territory to deter regularly publicly in a report of the Syria – Commission of the UN Human Rights Council. Even children were forced to watch. Government troops, as well as other armed groups passed is in Syria ruthlessly against the civilian population, it means further. Clearly war crimes were also to blame. Most would hurt children and women. The army of the regime of Bashar al-Assad, attacking residential areas with missiles and the particularly devastating barrel bombs. Hundreds of civilians die every day while the fights without regard for the law or the conscience continue, said the Commission Chairman, Paulo Pinheiro. According to the Syrian human rights observers, there was fierce fighting between the opposition and the Syrian army soldiers in Kunaitra. Dozens have been killed or injured. The fighting continued in the vicinity of Kunaitra. First, the Syrian State media not confirmed the loss of Kunaitra. They reported the army started a major attack in the region. The Israeli army attacked at the same time two military post of the Syrian army. This was done in response to misguided fire from the Syrian inner struggles, they said in an announcement of the military. Before when an Israeli soldier was injured by a shot fired from Syria. Also bashed several grenades on the Golan Heights on Wednesday. . Main source could be found reading the following http://mirapodo.ingyenesenletolthetokonyvek.net.

Justice, majority divided on reform. Civil liability togas in ddl delegation.

Majority divided on reform of Justice. In today’s Summit showed differences in approach on priority of which refer to the Council of Ministers, keeping to the goal of bringing that all work processed, said Justice Minister, Andrea Orlando, at the end of the meeting. The new civil liability of togas arriver in the Council of Ministers next Friday in the form of ddl delegation. as we learn in the meantime from majority sources after the meeting with the Minister of Justice. In the case of malagiustizia citizens have recourse to the State which shall have recourse to the judge until 50% of salary. The meeting of the majority, "said Orlando-emerged a share on the individual points of the set of things that we in the Council of Ministers. There was for a comparison on the different ways to address these issues, a comparison that was useful and that has improved some of the solutions. The Keeper then explained that all the work done will be brought to the Council of Ministers: one part is the contrast to economic crime and the civil sector; the appearance of the functioning of the judicial system and the judiciary about the criminal trial. On all these points, we will go ahead, he added, today even with sharing that it strengthened the system reform and General underscores that I believe should be taken into account and adequately appreciated in the discussion, however, the Council of Ministers. Concern for the guarantees to citizens on prescription and on reducing the possibility of appeals and to the Supreme Court. So Sen. James Caliendo has summarized the position of strength Italy after meeting with Justice Minister Andrea Orlando on reform. On these points I expressed perplessit series, said Caliendo, and recalled that the part of the criminal justice reform will be contained in bills and therefore the delegation we will assess in Parliament. On the reform of justice the majority on the high seas. And there’s a standoff between Pd and Ncd. The solutions will not be the Council of Ministers but from not meeting Orlando but Renzi avr in a Nazareth 2. Nicola Molteni Cos, parent company of the League in the House Justice Committee, takes stock of the reform of Justice after meeting with a delegation of his party, Mr Orlando. The solutions proposed on hot packs are only civil and criminal elements that divide the majority are superior to those that share, Molteni observes. The exponent of the League stresses that there a text of the reform, and while recognizing that Orlando unlike Renzi chose dialogue, recalls that the current Minister of justice remains the Minister of eight euros in pocket money to criminals. . You should check this source to discover more about this interesting subject.

Subvert the privacy such as Videoüberwacher.

Among the requested operators are fast-food restaurants, supermarkets and boutiques, but also museums, universities, banks and railway lines. But even small shops and film their visitors cheerfully, so also kiosks, restaurants and a techno club came in the selection. In Austria, a right to self-disclosure is when the person concerned requires designation of period and place of monitoring, as well as the proof of his identity information to his person of processed image and video data. At the end, sending a copy to the usual technical format should be. Also, it is piquant that no manifest benefit operators in talks were plausible. There hardly ever needs to evaluate the records, and if, then it was petty crime: a brawl in a Club (which not even recorded by the cameras), a theft in the Fast Food Restaurant. Keeping the camera operator can itself therefore identify as non-image rights: what they once recorded, belongs to them, they owe anyone accountable or even insights into the collection. Visual privacy is violated third parties. There is a strict asymmetry in social relations: legitimate viewing of images is denied, let alone back filming. And what do the right? Raj believes surrendered long before the flood of new installations and even rebuilt data protection law the rule of law. Notification and registration procedures were lifted in Austria for a number of industries (banks, jewelry stores, gas stations, and so on), as well as for constructed private land. Anyway, the real time monitoring falls (so those without saving) not under the regulations. It is the filmed not clear, what technical setting behind the eye of the camera. Raj has refrained from rechtsförmig to escalate the conflict. The more turns wondering what design error is reflected in this form of data protection. Is the law here too advanced to actually resolve his goals? Or has taken the legislator in purchase, that the claim is only on paper? Anyway, it seems to give action, if the right of privacy in such cases not blank wants to run. By the way, is an arrangement in which one is not can talk out on complicated transatlantic legal and policy regime and transnationally operating corporations, but would have in standard-setting and Normimplementation the issue of action even in the hand. . For more on this subject visit http://mirapodo.ingyenesenletolthetokonyvek.net.

Women receive half as much as men in Germany.

Gender inequalities are far more important than guess only wages in Germany: taking into account all the income, women earn half as much as men, according to a study published Wednesday. Including all revenues related to labour, capital and real estate, a German woman touches on average 49% less than a man, explains institute DIW of Berlin. The author has updated the the gap based on statements from income taxes in 2007, is the latest available figures. The result depicts a situation much more unequal than that measured so far by Destatis. According to the German Statistics Office, which measures differences in wages, women earn 22% less than their male colleagues, for each hour worked. According to the DIW Institute, not only women earn actually averaging half less than a man, but inequalities are increasing when we advance in the scales of income. These inequalities come mainly from the world of work, says the study. Overall, women get more frequently than males in occupations that are less well paid, said Stefan Bach, the author of the study. They are also more likely to work part-time and pregnancy interrupt their careers. So many factors influencing then the level of pensions, unemployment and other social benefits allowances. The gender gap is a bit narrower in terms of capital and real estate. Average revenue from the capital by a woman represent 66% of those of a man. In real estate, the fairer sex perceives even slightly more than its male counterpart. . Additional information can be inspected reading home page.

The last stand of the “actor” Montebourg.

"I mean that the economy is a difficult art. This is not an exact science. It is a science of first human. These are men and women who drive the economy. I want to say that for me the economy is first a political question, vision of society, his organization", he began. "It is a question of action and sometimes fighting. Beliefs are,"insisted Arnaud Montebourg, looking repeatedly Emmanuel Macron in the eye and marking poses. "There is no economy in a room of some caulked experts who hold the truth", told the former Minister. The predecessor of Emmanuel Macron, landed from the Government after having questioned the austerity assured Wednesday that "the economy belongs to all French." On the dais erected before the employees of Bercy, Arnaud Montebourg argued for a constitutional change, as it has done for a long time: "the French have a right to look at (the economy). And it is the democratic spirit in which inspires ideas that I have always kept with me to the sixth Republic, that I think it necessary that the economy belongs to the common of democracy for all and by all. ‘ Brash, Arnaud Montebourg did not seem to regret his statements from last weekend: "it was important for me to say a number of things (,.). I do that what I think I should do. "And concluding with a final last stand, eyes riveted in Emmanuel Macron: ‘ you should know off the stage when it is not longer play the comedy (,.). I would like a tip for you: the most beautiful weapon in politics, it is the sincerity. Know to use it. The scene of Bercy, Arnaud Montebourg has left her by a small backdoor behind the podium, the applause of officials of the Department. Towards his stronghold of Saône-et-Loire. . For more data regarding this matter check article.

Why oppose policies of supply and demand?

The urgent need to restore the competitiveness of French companies (including PMI/PME), via an ambitious politics of the offer, is today the object of a consensus in the economic world, and probably a large part of public opinion. Key factor for hope a rebound in private investment synonymous with growth and sustainable improvement on the employment front, the axes of reform aimed at encouraging entrepreneurship and investment in the country are known. They also emerging clearly in our Spanish, Portuguese and Italian neighbours: relaxation of the labour code, its cost relief, administrative simplification, modernisation of the education system, liberalisation of sectors over-protected,. Funding for one such policy, in a context of zero growth and large structural budget deficits, implies a reduction targeted have become gargantuan spending over the years. This rigour and austerity, inevitable and necessary, component, however, is dangerously pro-cyclical, boosting the current recessive dynamic. Seen in southern Europe, where it has been violently imposed by creditors during the crisis 2011/2012 bond, with the key to the drastic declines in real wages and an explosion of unemployment. If these colossal efforts begin to bear fruit in the Iberian Peninsula, the situation remains very fragile economically and socially, with demand still extremely depressed. The cries of Mrs. anti-austerite came from France are hardly audible across the Rhine, both our countries commits timidly on the path of reform. They are significantly more credible coming from Spain or Italy, where the magnitude of efforts should soon translate into an improvement of growth and employment, under penalty to threaten social cohesion in these countries, and more generally the accession to the European project. It therefore comes to the political debate of the application. For many french Slingers, this means above all a continuation of the status quo, via a still broader budgetary valve opening, digging a bit more structural deficits to maintain artificially a semblance of activity. They will not surprise to receive a plea of inadmissibility on the side of Berlin. Usually distressed economic agents and point as badly that European States could not afford the luxury of power, does that reflect, to such an approach. The exceptional situation on the world’s bond markets yet offers them this opportunity, and this at a very low cost. Japanese, Chinese, European, American savers would be likely happy to subscribe to a giant European loan. A desperate search for yield, in an environment of growth and low inflation, reassured by the implicit support of central banks, they push rates of major countries of the zone under levels lowest weekly (0. 95% at 10 years for Germany, 1. 30% for the France,.). In this environment of overabundant liquidity, raise 5 to 10 points of GDP in eurobonds in 30 years to fund an extensive investment programme is today not unthinkable. . Main source can be studied visiting this http://mirapodo.ingyenesenletolthetokonyvek.net.

Putin supports Poroschenkos peace plan for the Ukraine.

Preparing a cease-fire should begin as soon as possible, said Poroshenko in the early morning after negotiations with Kremlin Chief Vladimir Putin in the Belarussian capital. It was the first four-eyes talks of Putin and Poroschenkos since the beginning of June. Putin again urged a ceasefire between Ukrainian military and pro-Russian separatists. There are still many open issues between us. Putin said a solution we, the Ukraine and our European partners are interested in, in the night. A ceasefire could not choose but Russia in the conflict region. Contact for Kiev were the rebels, Moscow could build trust. Reports of 10 Russian paratroopers triggered in Kiev great excitement, which were captured on the edge of the combat zone in the region of Donetsk. The Ukraine accuses Russia of supporting the separatists with their own military personnel. In Minsk, Putin confirmed that soldiers at a patrol on Ukrainian territory had reached. He said he hoped that there would be no problems for this reason. The insurgents called the re-election of Parliament on 26 October by Poroshenko as a provocation. There will be no vote in the separatist areas in the East of the ex – Soviet Republic, one of the spokesmen for the militant groups, Sergej Kawtaradse, announced. He was threatened with tough reactions. Poroshenko hopes for greater stability of the early parliamentary election. . You should check this http://mirapodo.ingyenesenletolthetokonyvek.net to learn more about this amazing subject.

Some people are magically attracted – even in Europe of hurricanes and thunderstorms.

It has become dark, almost night. This afternoon is in Lausanne. On the horizon, raises a huge black cloud shreds and whips on the Lake of Geneva. It a blast roller, harbinger of a gathering storm. Determined, she rolls to shore near restaurant. Wine glasses shatter overturn umbrellas, chairs slide the abyss against, waiters save, what to save. Only Dominic is Blaser calmly on the terrace. Stoically, he looks through the camera on the tripod before him. And pulls the trigger. No longer only a phenomenon from America is that healthy people behind rush storms, where also the disaster drama "storm Hunter" plays, that went on in our cinemas on Friday. Stormchaser is also available in Europe. They track storm towers, they snap, follow, and warn them. There are dozens of storm chasers in Germany and of Switzerland. They are organized in "Skywarn" Germany (www. skywarn. de) and in the Swiss ‘Storm Forum’ (www. Storm Forum. ch), where also Dominic Blaser is active. This summer, rumst and pours it in Germany very often. The July became true tropical month in history. In Baden-Württemberg and the Switzerland it was never been wet since weather records began nearly 150 years ago. North Rhine-Westphalia on Pentecost experienced the worst storm for years. The Rhine-Main region came two weeks ago, a tornado raged in Bad Schwalbach. Lot of work for the stormchaser. The thunderstorm cell in Lausanne is not yet born, almost desperate as Blaser that July day. Ordinary rain destroyed first and any hope of growing cloud towers. Sun would be fine now. Energy. But the sky is covered – Nimbostratus. Also the rain radar shows no abnormalities. Computer means above all: wait. After all, the setting is reminiscent of a bit Oklahoma. Man-sized corn fields, bumpy dirt, below is the Lake of Neuchâtel. It is Balaresque dearest ridicule square. He leans on his car, that so not on the tank from "storm Hunter" recalls. With this Citroen Xsara, year unknown, he goes to severe hunting. The speedometer shows 300 000 kilometres, the air conditioning is broken, at the rear, a sticker shall be liable: "I brake for storm". And nowhere hail dents. "It is a matter of honor, first making the car in safety, before you mock," he says. A good finding dry coming home. Dominic is no daredevil Blaser. The 42jährige from Sugiez Bern is maths and physics teacher. As he should teach the subject of tornadoes in North America some time ago, a question preoccupies him: there are tornadoes in Europe? The subject never let him go. . Inspirational facts could be read checking the following http://mirapodo.ingyenesenletolthetokonyvek.net.

The Government of France Valls: Macron new Minister of economics.

The Government is born Valls II. The premier, after a long meeting with the French President, Francois Hollande, announced the composition of the new Government. The most eagerly awaited name was that of the Minister of the economy: it is Emanuel Macron, former counselor for Economic Affairs of the President, that takes the place of Arnaud Montebourg, entered on a collision course with Valls, for his statements against Germany and Government austerity policies.   Contrary to what was reported today by some media, is the separation of the Ministry of economy and Ministry of finance, where Michel Sapin is reconfirmed. And are also reappointed Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, the Minister of Interior Mr Bernard Cazenueve, the Defense Jean-Yves Le Drian, that of Justice, Christiane Taubira and Segolene Royal to the environment. Change the Culture Minister: via, as announced, Aurelie Filippetti, enters Fleur Pellerin, a former Under Secretary of Commerce. All’Istruzione, in place of Benoit Hamon, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem goes, former Minister for equal opportunities.   . You should click the following url to learn more regarding this amazing subject.