Autun: a teen convicted of infanticide in the toilets of a college.

She had delivered her baby all alone, in the toilet of his college of Autun (Saône-et-Loire), before you kill him. The teenager of 16 years, pursued for infanticide in 2011, was sentenced Tuesday to five years in prison sentence. «Despite what she did, she loved this baby, she still cries, argued her lawyer, Me Géraldine Gras-Comtet, after the trial in camera by the Court of Assizes of minors of Saône-et-Loire. The relief with probation measure is accompanied by an obligation to care for the girl now aged 19 years. March 31, 2011, the body of the baby, a boy born at term, had been discovered in the morning by staff from the facility. The girl was internal. According to his lawyer, "she always acknowledged unfortunate gestures on this child" but "it can not explain (the facts). It can explain the context, she can explain that she was panicked and exceeded because when we believe is three months pregnant and suddenly it gives birth, it is a psychological blow", argues counsel. According to her, the schoolgirl after a "denial of pregnancy" felt actually only three months pregnant and had barely to disclose her pregnancy to her entourage. Then the birth occurred, as "a big surprise". The young woman, who is currently pursuing vocational training, lived at the time a family situation complicated after the loss of his mother at the age of 10 years. .

Appearance to visit at ROCCAT – how really a gamer mouse?.

The mouse is an indispensable tool for PC gamers. So that they have even more options for gambling, the manufacturer come up with always improvements. As well as now Roccat. An analog switch on the new model of "Tyon" helps with precise control of aircraft and vehicles in shooting games. It is Very much A lot work – but how is created so a mouse at all? Within the walls of the old gasworks in Hamburg Bahrenfeld Roccat hardware manufacturer has settled. Behind the beautiful brick walls are the tools for gamers: keyboards, mice, headsets. Since 2007 Roccat on the market – and that is Very much successful. Founder and managing director René Korte image opens its doors and lets us take a look at the emergence of new gamer mouse "Tyon". And then you go even: in a meeting René brings together all the people who can contribute something useful to the topic. All kinds of people can be by industrial designers technicians up to passionate gamers. "We’re all here myself computer players and so we To try with different talents to bring together professional industrial designers and engineers. So we consider how a better gaming mouse or keyboard might look, that would make us happy personally. "As the car manufacturer we produce the first model from clay. This dough is a fairly flexible material and just in mice, we have the ability to test ergonomics relatively quickly. Ergonomics is important because should we have our hand permanently on the mouse and when we play A lot, it Of course won’t cause fatigue. We To want playing time guarantee long one, that the mouse is comfortable and controlled in the hand", Korte said. With this clay model one understands fine, as the mouse is later in the hand. Small nuances are quickly new shaped or buttons to place yet again. The finished dough corpus of the new model is then three dimensional scanned and Once again reworked on the computer. If the forms and buttons, it is printed via 3D printers. "The philosophy we have at Roccat is basically so that we make everything ourselves – on producing. In the global economy, companies have specializes in manufacturing. Electronics parts that happens mostly in China. "The reason for China but don’t actually is that the workers are there cheapest – they not be – but that is the entire supply industry for electronics in China."A mouse consists for example of hundreds. And Very much fast if you want to ensure that these need to be at certain times in other places to process them, it falls back to China", Korte said. .

+++ News ticker to the fight against the IS +++: Obama oath coalition extended use of Syria.

After the first air strikes on the extremists in Syria, US President Barack Obama has vowed the coalition of included Arab States on a longer usage. The attacks on the Dschihadistenmiliz Islamic State (IS) needed time, but he would do whatever is necessary to defeat the IS, Obama said. That five Arab countries backed the attacks, show the world that this is not alone combat of the United States. The regime in Damascus restrained responds to the attacks by the United States against the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS). President Bashar al-Assad said his country supported the international efforts in the fight against terrorism. Syria continue the war with full determination, it started even before years against terrorism. The regime had been informed in advance according to own statements by Washington. In the past few weeks, Syria warned the United States against unauthorized attacks against extremists. The apartments are been searched seven Salafists in a nationwide RAID. This should have the IS supported in Syria and in the Iraq, Bavaria’s Interior Minister Hermann and Minister of Justice building back (both CSU) is communicated. There is the suspicion of preparing a heavy staatsgefährdenden violent crime. Focus of action was therefore Central Franconia. In Bavaria, the apartments of five defendants had been affected, and also three more homes had been raided in Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia. The BBC published a video of the U.S. attack in Syria. The images show the launch of Tomahawk cruise missile. The footage comes from the United States Navy. According to the U.S. military, the rocket launchings among the first hits on targets of the militia of IS in Syria. According to the data, were such missiles, which were fired from the USS Arleigh Burke in the Red Sea and the USS Philippine Sea in the Persian Gulf. In the attacks on IS positions were also the Bahraini air force aircraft and from other countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council. All targets were destroyed, according to a release of Bahrain’s armed forces. Which other countries turned off airplanes, are not told. Include the Organization in addition to Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. The Iran criticized the United States against the terrorist IS militia attacks in Syria. The fight against terrorism can be an excuse for the violation of the territorial integrity of a country, says Deputy Foreign Minister Amir Abdullahian. The Americans can fight terrorism with Hollywood-like actions of adventure. Tehran will follow with great attention the development, warns Abdullahian. In the Iraq, the Shia Iran, however, supported the Kurds with weapons in the battle against the Sunni terrorist militia IS. Germany brings the first arms shipment to the Kurds in the northern Iraq on the way. A Dutch transport aircraft with rocket-propelled grenades, machine guns and ammunition from Bundeswehr stocks on Board will start on Wednesday from the airport of Leipzig, the Bundeswehr is announced. Overall, the German armed forces the Kurdish army left more than 600 tons of military equipment and weapons. The UN refugee agency UNHCR created contingency plans in the event that 000 flee all 400 inhabitants of the North Syrian Kurdish city Kobanî in Turkey. Kobanî is under siege by the extremist militia of Islamic State, which has overrun dozens villages in the region. Our greatest concern is that Kobanî falls, UNHCR spokesman Robert Colville said in Geneva on Tuesday. We don’t know, but we make appropriate arrangements if the entire population flees. The British keep further covered in the question of air strikes on the IS terrorist militia. The discussion is running, there is no decision been about our commitment, a spokeswoman for the Defense Ministry says. A usage on the ground Prime Minister David Cameron had ruled out air attacks but not. He had announced before a military mission to advise if possible with the Parliament. IS still at least two British hostages holds in his power. Russia criticized the air strikes of the United States against the IS in Syria as a violation of international law. For such military action, an approval of the Syrian Government or a UN Security Council mandate is necessary, communicated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow. The arbitrary decision of the United States and its allies enough, Stoke enough tension and destabilizes the region. More and more people in Turkey to escape from fear of massacres of the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS) in the North of Syria. Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said the Turkish TV station NTV, refugees had crossed the border since their opening on Friday more than 138 000. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says according to the Anadolu news agency before the start of the UN General Assembly in New York, meanwhile, a total of 1.5 million people, mainly from Syria in Turkey had sought refuge. Turkey calls for more international support for a long time, to cope with the onslaught of refugees. The terrorist militia Islamic State launched a new propaganda video again presented a British hostage in the. It shows the same journalist, who was seen last week in a video of the terrorists. The recording is monitored by the SITE Intelligence group, the extremist Web sites, classified as authentic. In the nearly six-minute-long film the deported man criticized the air strikes led by the United States against IS positions and says his Government left him in the lurch. UK Prime Minister David Cameron wants to talk to the Iranian President Hassan Ruhani in New York and urge to fight against the terrorist militia Islamic State. Also he would appeal to the Iran, No more helping the Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, the British news agency reported. The Syrian opposition welcomed the U.S.-led air offensive on positions IS in the North of the country. The world community was thus entered in our fight against IS communicated to the Syrian national coalition. At the same time, she urged to avoid victims among the civilian population. The U.S. forces have begun with the bombardment of positions of the Dschihadistengruppe Islamic State (IS) in Syria. This was the Department of Defense announced. With fighter jets, bombers and missiles during the military offensive, also forces of Allied Nations were involved. .

Jobs act, minority Pd presents seven amendments: ‘ article 18 to new employees after three years.

Are seven amendments tabled by law Pd minorities Labour delegation, which arrives tomorrow before the Senate Chamber after the green light from the Commission work. Among these is the amendment which provides for the full protection of article 18 (with possibilities of tumbling) for all new recruits after the first three years of increasing protection contract. The proposed amendments shall be signed by a minimum of 28 Senators to a maximum of 38. The seven amendments are all in article 4 of the law, which concerns the delegation contract to increasing protection and reorganization of contractual forms. The deadline for tabling amendments to delegation at work, the Jobs act, to the Chamber of the Senate is slipped to 19 this evening (from 13 initially planned). Minority amendment Pd: after 3 years restores former article 18 one of the seven amendments proposed by the Democratic Party in the Senate minorities in article 4 of the Bill with the Jobs act provides for new hires under open-ended contract to increasing safeguards full protection, with possibilities, starting from the fourth year of reinstatement in the event of unlawful redundancies. I ask the Pd’s minorities (reformist left dem area, civatiani). To sign the amendment were 29 Senators, the first signature is Federico Fornaro. "We don’t want to promote conflict or ambushes. We don’t want to make a filibuster but take home improvement» delegation explain Cecilia Guerra e Federico Fornaro» Reform contracts after not only shock absorbers. Another amendment calls for the reform of contracts, with the introduction of open-ended contract to increasing safeguards, should be made only after (or even during) the reform of the social shock absorbers and active policies. The proposal, first signature Cecilia Guerra, was signed by 37 other senators. In another amendment, signed by 31 senators, asking you to ‘ identify and analyze all existing contractual forms, in order to assess the actual consistency with employment and with the productive context nationally and internationally, as a function of simplifying or overcoming same contractual types». Pd: Renzi minority there listens or Word behind Dem minority demands a meeting with the majority democratic party to formulate a joint document to take direction. After a meeting at Montecitorio, the internal minority warns: do not think of going in the direction to seek a majority vote and maybe use disciplinary measures to enforce party discipline. Without excluding the ultimate weapon of the referendum between enrollees on article 18. "You cannot reduce it all to a matter of party discipline. We remain faithful to the parliamentary mandate, which did not include this reform, we therefore the autonomy of groups. If there will be willingness to listen to the majority, the background is always a chance to see our base», by referendum, explains Alfredo bersaniano Of Attorre, adding that the amendments tabled in the Senate all go in the direction of the German labour market. The meeting this morning in the Senate this morning the Democratic senators were compared in a meeting at Palazzo Madama with Labour Minister, Giuliano Parmar and the responsible party’s economy, Filippo Taddei. The leader in the Senate, Luigi Zanda, introducing the Assembly, would underline the usefulness and the need to confront frankness, but would recommended to do so without raising the tone of confrontation, so that we get a good result. Do not save these days, heavy accusations between laminoranza and the majority of the Democratic Party and the clash is likely to become more intense with the landing in the Senate of the Jobs act. Parmar: on baseless ‘ controversies rejoins the controversies about the intentions of the Government to abolish the restores of workers in the event of discriminatory dismissal are unfounded, because the same ddl delegation text refers explicitly to the Community principles». Writes the Labour Minister Giuliano Parmar in a letter to the future where replying to a speech by Secretary of Cisl, Raffaele Bonanni, published last Saturday by the same newspaper. "One of our key objectives is to contrast all forms of precariousness. A goal which we pursue with the delegation, but we have already dealt with the employment Decree, making fixed-term contracts that, in fact, represent the best alternative to contracts more precarizzanti», assures Poletti. The Minister invites you to look at the Bill "in its unity."

Eurozone: prices and firm orders in descent.

A few surprises, and all negative from reading of eurozone Pmi indices. The composite fell to 52.3 in September, against the expected the 52.4 52.5 in August. This is the lowest for nine months. The photo taken by Markit found the region’s economy basically stops and offers some argument in addition to anyone who asks for a quantum leap in contrast to the crisis, both by the ECB and the Governments. If growth stagnates, the fight against deflation makes no progress: even in September, companies have reduced sales prices are now arriving at the 30th consecutive month of declines. "The survey shows continued malaise in the eurozone-economy says Chris Williamson, Markit’s chief economist–which sees slow the growth of demand, production and employment shows no recovery. Prices have continued to contract. The data suggest an increase in GDP of 0.3% more than in the third quarter, with worrying signs that growth could slow further in the fourth: the flow of new orders in manufacturing is slowing down yet. " It also weighs the Russian-Ukrainian crisis and cross-sanctions: "the danger is that the ECB’s efforts to stimulate the economy are vain in the light of these obstacles, which are worsening an already weak in itself». In short, the speeches fielded so far are not enough, concludes Williamson, and wait to assess the effects of the purchases of Abs could be risky because the danger is that the more you wait, the more viscous becomes braking ‘. .

Assets all over the world: more wealth, less rich.

Almost half a billion people has risen accordingly in the past 13 years in the global middle class assets. Between 2012 and 2013, there were 60 million. Is one of the middle class in the definition of the Alliance, who owns a fortune between 5300 and 31 800 euros. In the past year were 912 million people worldwide according to the Alliance. The vast majority is but a member of the asset subclass, has less than 5300 euro. 3.55 billion people fall into this group. Their number has hardly changed since the turn of the Millennium. Because although 491 million people have risen over the past 13 years in the middle class, global population growth keeps the size of the subclass constant provides. It is significantly reduced in developing countries in Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. In China alone 2000 more than 300 million people managed since the year to ascend into the middle class. In most of the countries studied the distribution of wealth have improved little changed or even in the last decade, To write the authors of the study. There are also countries where inequality has increased. The asset share of the richest 10 percent had so Once again significantly increased in Russia and India. This development was also evident in countries to observe that pass through economic crises – as in France, Italy and Greece. But also in the United States and Ireland, the low point of the economic crisis well behind have. The explanation of the authors of the study: Setbacks in the building of wealth seem to meet, not so Very much the big especially the small and medium-sized asset Krisenbedingte. In return, although the interest rates for bank loans fall. But because households in Germany are not indebted, they benefit A lot less than people in Portugal, Spain, Greece and Ireland. In these four countries, the interest income per capita is 1000 euro and more. With more than 1700 euro per capita, the Finns the biggest beneficiaries of the ECB’s policy are surprising. According to the study authors, is especially rapid drop of credit interest rates, such as the construction financing. But despite puny interest rates in the euro area – the rapid growth of global assets, represents that earn quite something. The assets report is investigated also the question with Which one form of investment last the highest return get settled. Therefore shareholders about the highest growth enjoyed again. Assets invested in securities grew at an average of 16.5 percent. Who sat on insurance and pensions, scored on average a rise of 7.2 percent. Worst cut bank deposits – so savings account, time deposit – or day money account. Here, the growth rate of 5.5 percent. .

Istat, GDP raised by 59 billion in 2013. The simplest maneuver.

Dall’Istat comes a good news for the Government struggling with the law of stability by 20 billion euros. The revision of GDP, gross domestic product, with the account of illegal activities and the costs of research and development, made up of 2013 of about 59 billion. A figure very similar to those already disclosed last September 9 when the Institute of statistics had revised the figure of growth for 2011 and 2012. But the most interesting aspect, especially for the Government, the impact that the new Gdp had on the deficit-to-GDP ratio, that is valid for Europe. Last year’s debt was revised downward by 0.2 percentage points, bringing it from 3 percent to 2.8 percent. Twelve months ago in order to comply with the constraint of 3 per cent, the Government had been forced to Read a correction maneuver of Auditors from 1.6 billion financed with a cure of maxi-fines on slot machines and with VAT receipts of payment of debts back issues of public administration. If illegal activities had already been counted in gross domestic product, the maneuver could have been avoided. The new GDP figure is, however, a certain assist the Government Renzi grappling with staibilit’s law. The new GDP figure will be used in the Final update notes that the Treasury is preparing and will be released next September 30. A GDP higher than 59 billion, projected on 2014, should give the Government the margin of 0.1 percentage points on the deficit -0.2 able to keep borrowing below 3 percent of GDP despite the downward revision of growth, that will be brought by previous +0.8 per cent for a -0.1 or a -0.2 per cent (practically recession). At this point, filed the 2014, the Government will focus on funding of 20 billion euros planned in 2015 to confirm the personal income tax from 80 euro bonus, widen the tax wedge cutting enterprises and finance other expenses that cannot be postponed. .

Leonardo DiCaprio: A green Hollywood star.

New York/Los Angeles – Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio is 15 years money, mind and heart in the environmental protection. Former US President Bill Clinton (68) describes him. Last week the 39 years old DiCaprio was appointed to the United Nations Messenger of peace. In this role, he is now on the political stage of the United Nations in New York. As producer, DiCaprio brought the documentary film the 11th hour about global warming in the cinemas in 2007. At the premiere in Cannes, he urged politicians and citizens to increased environmental protection. I think that protecting the environment is the most important issue of our generation, the Titanic star said at the time. DiCaprio, who is strong supposed to as UN peace Ambassador for climate change, will be continued in Hollywood in front of the camera. His next project is the Western thriller the Revenant, in which he plays a Hunter in the American wilderness in the 19th century. He was nominated this year for an Oscar for his performance as fraudulent financial broker in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street. Since 20 years ago for the family drama Gilbert Grape – somewhere in Iowa (1994) was his first Oscar-chance he as an actor for Aviator and nominated Blood Diamond, went out but always empty. .

Global warming: five reasons why a world climate agreement is so difficult.

Today, the emerging China emits significantly more greenhouse gases than the United States. But CO2 has left about 100 years in the atmosphere, and historically the present-day developed countries are primarily responsible for global warming. Extrapolating together all emissions since systematic records began around 1850, lead the United States followed by the EU of the list. The emerging economies derive a right to the same development. Who rightfully to do How much for climate protection, depends on the approach. The image looks Once again different, if you look at the per capita emissions Instead of national total emissions – so How much any individual citizen of a State contributes to global warming. Here, the proportion of the most populous countries, China and India on climate change is relativized. Australia, Canada, the United States and Saudi Arabia are now major sinners. The black can be slide always the others to Peter with the appropriate statistics. Climate change will be felt worldwide, but especially people in developing countries particularly hard hit. Low desert areas are threatened by a rise in the sea level in Bangladesh, and islands such as the Maldives, in the Sahel in Africa food and drinking water drought and floods are still scarce. Lacking the victims not only money and technology, to make. You have a relatively weak negotiating position in the talks. The climate policies of individual States can change quickly with the domestic political constellation. In Germany, the nuclear phaseout leaves CO2 emissions before rising again. Australian conservatives have conceded just the climate control of the previous Government. US President Barack Obama sparked hopes of a turnaround in U.S. climate policy, but the majority in Congress is missing his Democrats for a law. In addition, that the complex problem is limited climate change, the effects of which hide very well to sell during the election campaign can be. The topic is so predestined to be pushed on the backburner. .

Rome: Assist (Pd) for female drivers being attacked, there we leave sun.

Rome, September 22. -(Adnkronos)-Dear Elisa and Federica, on behalf of the Group of the Democratic Party in the Capitol, I express my solidarity and closeness to the severe episodes of aggression who have seen protagonists in the last 48 hours. It is unacceptable that two workers were subjected to such violence at the workplace, a sacred place that should be protected and devoid of any danger. Something very serious to push those who have responsibility in the institutions to exercise them at different times and immediate operational mode. Writes Francis of Aid, leader of the Democratic Party in the Capitoline Assembly, in a letter released to the two female drivers of the Atac attacked. We know the difficulties that will have to be women and workers, engaged in a difficult service like that of the Atac bus, in addition to limit situations such as those of the Roman suburbs-continues-I can only imagine how complicated State tackle these tense moments and we will not miss the support and all the Capitoline administration support. That support will translate immediately into concrete measures aimed at stepping up surveillance and security in public workplaces. The theme is nice, but we know that a capital city like Rome must ensure at the same time, security and integration. The climate should not be further poisoned: serve responsibility and firmness and not Manichean research of guilty-adds-While oppositions fanning the flames of fear and intolerance through the square, who today holds positions of Government has a duty to find those answers and solutions for restore in Rome and its suburbs security and integration levels worthy of a capital. We’re not going to let just anyone and our words are a reflection of a broader policy path. The degree of civilization of a city like Rome also is measured on the basis of the ability of the institutions to be present for all and especially for the weakest. Today the institutions of Rome are with you Elisa and Federica, and not just formally. .