It is necessary to stop the race at low prices in the food.

Two of five major players in retail, Système U and Auchan, announced, on 11 September, a cooperative purchasing agreement. Through this agreement, the alliance between Auchan and Système U will represent more than 21% share of market for the purchase and will weigh so heavier than Carrefour and Leclerc (respectively 20.4 and 19.9%), the two industry giants. In the context of comparators, constantly pulling the prices down, no one can fight, not even Serge Papin, the great defender of the SMEs, which contradicts itself and seems to change completely from Cape resigning to play this same game, so-called "positive for the industry, as this will bring a rebalancing of the competitive landscape. A resignation that will put even more poorly agri-food SMEs and agricultural enterprises. Indeed, it is indisputable that by creating this superstructure of purchase, which may have other purpose is to implement a policy of volume to get the price even lower, Auchan and Système U will intensify the price war that all upstream denounces long. A price war which also unleashes the other greats of the distribution. Thus, an alliance by hiding another, this is Casino and Intermarché which announced shortly after their association to buy transit (also note that the Belgian Delhaize Group and independent Coop Italia chain join Leclerc in the Central European Coopernic purchasing). The big four (Carrefour, Casino, Intermarché and Leclerc) now share 90% of market share! Unfortunately, the risk of deflation, or of job destruction in the territories, and all economists admit, still doesn’t face war of labels and the race weight to turnover and market share. If this agreement seems to save a little fresh products of agriculture, products of mass consumption are clearly targeted and industrialists who are going to be, once more, in the viewfinder and the effects will be immediate. And what about the pressure that will be developed by impact on agricultural holdings? This determination of the lowest prices on food products must stop more quickly for the benefit of a prize at the fair value of our productions and valuing our territories. The sustainability of companies in the agricultural sector depends on it. Not only the economic weight of the downstream Announces tougher negotiations, but it also carries business practices illegal and impunity that suppliers are likely to suffer more. And it is the set of links that suffers the consequences, from producers to consumers, also taken hostage. The State should in this regard to have tools to control and punish abusive and destructive distribution, as it promises since, already, behaviour far too long. For their part, producers must accentuate their grouping and organization efforts in chains to cope with these giants and weigh more in trade negotiations. And Governments must support them and encourage them. That is far from being the case today as the rules look different depending on the players, and we denounce it, too often for the most powerful. We are pointing out the attitude of the competition authority and it should be remembered that the right of competition should not be a source of legal uncertainty for the profession, but should secure producers by allowing a real organization of the dies to a rebalancing of the forces. . For additional facts on this subject visit source.

Unlock Italy to stop the amendment on VAT on new developments: missing roofs.

To stop the amendment of dl Unlock Italy amending the VAT rates on new buildings and renovations. The change, as well as the other amendments adopted in Committee in the House, is waiting for the technical report. There are parliamentary sources-explain-problems on the covers. Amendment rejected-amendment, which was approved in the Committee on the environment, and where there are problems, however, expected to cover the VAT rate for new buildings rising to 10% while that for the diplomatic chiefs are set to fall by restructuring with 10 to 4%. Funds for the mountain-good news for Italian mountain since the last version of Unlock Italy. In the course of the examination in the Committee on the environment, land and public works of the Chamber of Deputies, an amendment with an amendment to the first signature of Enrico Borghi and Pd (and later signed by Ncd and Psi) has reintroduced the refinancing of the mountain covered by law 97/94, chapter of which was cleared in 2010 by the Finance Act of the time and never restored. The Fund’s power to pass through the rebate a portion of the fees paid to the State by motorway concessionaires, which thus ristoreranno for the purposes of environmental compensation Mountain territories compromises in terms of environmental landscape and by the presence of these major infrastructure. . Similar information can be inspected checking

Apple: Yosemite on the phone home.

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature: called the Spotlight search feature in Apple’s new operating system OS X of 10 10 Yosemite and iOS 8 sends sometimes sensitive user data on Apple and Microsoft. To send them the location of the computer, as well as an individual identification number by default, all search terms of the user to Apple’s server, also. Apple also forwards to Microsoft’s search engine Bing, where they are not stored but some search terms. The location data is sent at the moment, in which users can open the Spotlight search. Ashkan Soltani, in any case, security researchers called the default the probably worst example of ‘privacy by design’, that I’ve seen so far. Soltani is the co-author of an article in the Washington Post, for which he has studied data transfer to Apple. Therefore, the location data can be extremely precise and betray even the buildings, in which a user resides. The reason for this is that Yosemite uses information of local Wi-Fi networks for location determination. The localization is of course more accurate in iOS, because iPhones have so a GPS module. Users can also completely turn off the data transfer. The software developer Landon Fuller has the instructions to fix-macosx on its Web site. com published. There, also, that Apple’s Safari browser has own Spotlight search with suggest feature, which also sends data in default to Apple. Users can prevent this. So, you must change the preferences in two places, if you want to prohibit the disclosure of data spotlight. An improvement has itself already Apple in Vista: location data should be transferred to the server in the future only if users really have typed a search query in the spotlight, not when you open the app. . Root source can be studied visiting this

Fan violence in football: the strange figures of the police.

Each year collects the Central Observatory police (CIS) data of violence in football and publishes them in a report. The authority is one, as many fans at Bundesliga matches hurt, how many fans were arrested and confiscated as many Bengal fire at the stadium entrance. The report for the expired season 2013/14 was released last week. The report is important for many parties. If the numbers are higher than in the previous year, as it is just the case when it comes to so seemingly always violent in German football stadiums, Interior Minister against the taxpayers can justify the cost for police missions. Police trade unionists can urge the clubs to participate in the rising security costs. There are also the scandal headlines in the tabloid media. Many numbers are collected without moderation. Such as the 8 989 custodial measures last season, an increase of 31 percent. What exactly are these measures, it does not describe. Fanrechtler and fan lawyers argue that sometimes hundreds of fans as suspects are treated. All groups would be placed under general suspicion, would specifically surrounded and captured quite a few of the police, because they are at the wrong time in the wrong place. What is not in the report: how many actual judgments arising from the custodial measures. How many of the 8 989 suspects so actually violated a law. Since there is no standardized reflux over the outcome of criminal cases to the police by the judiciary, there are no data for this purpose, it is called the CIS. Experts assume that there is only a low single-digit percentage. Another example: In the report, seven Stadium folder injured by pepper spray are listed in the total game time. I think it is absolutely unrealistic. I’ve seen so many already in three games, the criminologist of Fakih says. Also is what is intended to be a violation of just and who is responsible for the violation of undefined in the current report. . Root data could be read checking this

Revolutionary medical therapy Paralyzed back to walk.

Scientists have used the nose of Fidyka cells to regrow nerve cells then implanted in the man’s spine in order to repair the connection lost. It is the first time that this procedure is carried out successfully on a human being. We believe that these steps represent the turning point and that, after further development, you tradurra in a historic change of perspectives of disabled persons for spinal cord injuries currently without hope, said Geoffrey Raizman, Coordinator of the team that developed the technique. The research, funded by the Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation and by the UK Stem Cell Foundation, it has been described in the journal ‘ Cell Transplantation ‘. We estimated that without this treatment, the odds of our patient’s recovery were less than 1 percent, said Pawel Tabakow of Wroclaw Medical University in Poland, who collaborated on the research. However, we have observed a gradual recovery both in sensory function and movement, which began four months after surgery, he added. The procedure involves transplanting olfactory ensheathing cells (OECs) in the spinal cord through 100 micro-injections through the site of the lesion. A small piece of nervous tissue taken from the patient’s ankle, and was engaged in the spinal cord to act as a scaffold for spinal neurons. This has led to the end of severed nerve fibers to grow and join together in a process first considered nearly impossible. Three months after the operation, Fidyka started to retrieve the muscle of her left leg and to feel hot, cold and needle puncture in the lower part of the body. One year after surgery and after a lot of physiotherapy, the man managed to walk with the help of parallel bars and using a device to support the ankles. . Additional info can be found clicking

The USA destroyed the anti-terrorist coalition (CSTO).

A split within the anti-terrorist coalition, which once comprised the United States, Russia, the European Union and the countries of the former USSR, is produced by the fault of the US administration, said Tuesday the Secretary-General of the Organization of the Treaty for collective security (CSTO) Nikolai Bordyuzha.    We met for ten years to bring up a topic as important as terrorism. At a certain moment, it seemed that everything had already been said and that the approaches to the problem were clearly defined, but suddenly, we encountered a new phenomenon: a deep split within the anti-terrorist coalition occurred through the assiduous efforts of the Obama administration, noted Mr. Bordiouja at the 10th International conference terrorism and electronic media.    According to the Secretary general of the CSTO, this split is a fertile ground for the consolidation of the terrorist organizations.    We are today witnessing an intense terrorist consolidation and coordination of their activities in all countries. These groups conquer larger territories and surrendered masters of huge resources, said Mr. Bordiouja.    The 10th International conference terrorism and electronic media opened Tuesday in the Austrian town of Baden, and lasted until October 23. This forum is designed to sensitize journalists from around the world, as well as the representatives of the regional and international organizations, including the UN, the OSCE, CSTO and others, to the use of electronic media in the fight against international terrorism.    Participants in the conference will discuss important topics such as current methods of information wars, the role of new media in the coverage of armed conflicts and the danger of cyberterrorism.    Founded in 2002, the Organization of the collective security treaty, sometimes referred to as Russian NATO is a political-military organization comprising the Armenia, the Belarus, the Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and the Russia. . Original source could be read checking the following site.

Kobane, an air of déjà vu.

In September 1938, the daily Nice Scout, supporter of pacifism blind and guilty, as all the Czechs of the world are not worth the bones of a small french soldier. A few weeks later, Daladier and Chamberlain swallow their dishonor and leave Hitler annexed the Sudetenland thinking save time without buy peace. Six years later, on 1 August 1944, relying on the nearby Red Army, the Polish resistance raises the Warsaw Uprising against the nazi occupiers. Soviet troops will stop at the edge of the Vistula, the weapon at the foot, and leave the SS liquidate the Polish resistance. The airdrops, too few many weapons and equipment by the English will not change anything. 63 days of massacres and almost 200. 000 deaths later, the Polish resistance capitulated on October 2, 1944. The Red Army will wait on January 17, 1945 in Warsaw, city-martyrdom, which he then does remain rubble and corpses. Member of the international coalition and enemy (finally) said of the Islamic State, the Turkey refuses however to any military intervention just as she stubbornly refused to let pass by its border Turkish Kurdish fighters to join Kobane. Is that on 20 October only (i.e. more than one month after the entry of the jihadists in the city), with the greatest reluctance and under American pressure, Ankara finally gave permission to pass to the Iraqi Kurds but still not to the Turkish Kurds. The consequences internal that could result as the radicalization of the Kurds in Turkey who have massively expressed early October – more than 30 dead and hundreds wounded in three days of riots – and breaking the current peace between the PKK and the Turkish Islamic-Conservative Government talks, are a risk that Erdogan seems to assume. Ankara considers – obviously wrongly – that the Islamic State will limit its expansionary thrust to the Syrian and Iraqi territories. Probably believe that assistance by Turkey to jihadis (training camps in Turkish territory, free passage of jihadis from around the world to the Syria and Iraq, refusal to stop oil smuggling, rejection of the use of its airspace by coalition) will protect Daesh appetite and will leave it the hands free on the regional scene. Since his arrival in power as Prime Minister in 2003, Erdogan has indeed committed islamisation to market forced the Turkey that went hand in hand with a totalitarian (social networks censored, purging the police and the judiciary, lawsuit against journalists and lay intellectuals for conspiracy against the State after the scandals of corruption involving relatives of the current Turkish president.) . . ). The fall of the Syrian regime could accelerate even the cadence and the califal ambition to Erdogan. . Main data can be read checking this

IS Commander: The Red jihadi.

And yet Schischani has in recent months become one of the leading figures in the Islamic State (IS). Now he is considered the most important military commander of the jihadists. He commanded the advance in the Iraqi province of Anbar. In the summer he appeared in a video, which celebrates the abolition of the Syrian Iraqi border through the IS. Keep, since the Commander is penetrated with his troops to the North and East. Only little more than 20 kilometers away from Baghdad IS fighters. Batiraschwili of the Georgian army joins after school. There he rises up to the Sergeant in a reconnaissance unit and 2008 fighting Russia in the Caucasus war on the front lines. Batiraschwili proven in combat and is hoping for a promotion. In September 2010, Batiraschwili is arrested and sentenced to three years in prison for illegal possession of weapons. The young man is radicalized in prison. I promised God that I, if I should get out of jail alive, would pull for God in the Jihad, the Islamist says later in an interview that will be published in an Islamist forum. As he early 2012 ahead of time is freed after 16 months, is called Batiraschwili Omar al-Schischani. He moved to a short stay in Egypt in March 2012 in the Syrian civil war there he rises rapidly to the leader of the Muhadschirin Brigade, a militia group, which is active in northern Syria and whose fighting almost exclusively Caucasian and other foreigners. The Dschihadistentruppe is involved in the battle of Aleppo, in August 2013, they storm the Minnagh military airport, near the Turkish border. . Inspirational source could be read reading this article.

Afghanistan: 4 killed in attack taliban against a bus of the army in Kabul.

An attack by the Taliban against the Afghan army bus killed four soldiers and injured 12 people Tuesday in Kabul, latest in a series of attacks against the security forces in the capital, was learned from the Ministry of defence. The explosion, which sounded at 06:45 (02: 15 GMT), was caused by a remote-controlled bomb planted on the edge of the road, said the authorities. The Taliban quickly claimed the attack via their Twitter account, saying that 12 people were killed in this attack. The spokesman of the Islamist movement, Zabihullah Mujahid, almost systematically exaggerates the balance sheet of the victims of the attacks we condemn this cowardly attack, general Zahir Azimi, spokesman for the Ministry of defence, meanwhile wrote in a statement that calls to pray for the victims. Afghan army transport buses have already been the target of several attacks recently in Kabul. On 2 October, a suicide attack against a military bus killed three employees of the Ministry of defence. The day before, two other buses of the army had been covered and seven people were killed. These latest attacks intervened in the wake of the inauguration of the new afghan president Ashraf Ghani, 29 September. In the aftermath of his inauguration, Mr. Ghani had signed security agreements with Washington and NATO for the maintenance of foreign troops after the international coalition combat in December mission. The Taliban are opposed to maintaining the presence of foreign troops in the country and say that the new Government is in the pay of Washington. There are approx. 41. 000 soldiers of NATO in Afghanistan. After 2014, Germans, Italians soldiers and other NATO countries will join a force of 9. 800 American soldiers, for a total of about 12. 500 men. . Related text can be read checking article.

Football. Fifa boss grows so the 2022 world to the Qatar plays winter.

 "Cannot play in the summer. Nothing is official yet, and no final decision has yet been taken, but statements made Monday by the Chairman of the Fifa Joseph Blatter that leave little room for doubts: the 2022 world, held in Qatar, should actually take place in winter, a first in the history of the competition. "The date that suits, it’s the end of the year" said Blatter yesterday on France Info. While temperatures can reach 50 ° C the summer and that it is technically possible to cool all the stages, the boss of world football considers as well – just as his UEFA counterpart Michel Platini, that organize this world in November-December is "the best solution". Not surprisingly in this announcement: beginning the month of January 2011, or one month after the designation of the host country, "Sepp" stated "expect" that the competition takes place in winter. A position that he had repeated in April last, calling to play "at the end of the year," because "it should still be a little realistic". Beginning last September, the International Federation had announced that November-December and January-February periods were under consideration. It therefore runs the choice of the second period, which would have the advantage of avoiding a telescoping with JO in winter, also held in Qatar at the beginning of the following year. So what reassure the International Olympic Committee, but everything is not resolved so far: a winter report would indeed pose enormous problems of calendar for the National Championships, and in particular Europeans, major suppliers of the most prestigious global selections. The study of the impact of such a decision on the architecture of the season is to setup a next meeting in November. More broadly, a winter report could push competitors to the Qatar when competition awarding a request a new vote, the specification on which they had all worked imposing June and July for the world Organization. It has not finished to hear this famous world qatari creates controversy on controversy since the Executive Committee of Fifa has chosen to entrust the Organization to this small Emirate that wealthy. Beyond calendar issues, working conditions in which workers are involved in the construction of stadiums have been notably cleared finger, pushing same Blatter, last may, a qualify the choice of Qatar of "error". . You can click the following url to learn more about this interesting topic.